Parmigiani Tonda GT Chronograph


Elegant Sport

          Just like work and life balance buyers want to find an elegant and sporty balance for their watch.  The new Parmigiani Tonda GT Chronograph is a great choice for the perfect balance.  This timepiece is elegant and refined, but has a very sporty look and feel that embraces the fast pace lifestyle that folks live in today.  Many of the high-end watchmakers have worked to design new timepieces that can capture this in order to reach the market demand for the products.  The brand has developed and designed these watches to fit personalities rather than just a watch model, they have taken care to be distinctive and offer several options.

Creative Choices

       While somewhat confusing, the Parmigiani Tonda GT Chronograph offers models that are almost identical, but have entirely different price points, so you have to review to know what fits best for you.  The 18k rose gold version with burgandy dial and matching strap has the PF071 automatic caliber, yet the movement is also in the 18k rose gold version with the Granata dial or Quantum Gray, both with 5Hz, big date chronograph movement.  The steel model however offers a different movement, the PF043.  This movement is 4Hz, 12 hour chronograph, big date and annual calendar and a 45 hour power reserve.  You can see the gorgeous polished and decorated movement through the sapphire caseback and the 18k gold automatic rotor.  The 42mm case is very comfortable and looks great.  The timepiece is designed with excellent proportions and textures to provide the elegance, but with a modern sport feel.

Adding Class to Classic

          Parmigiani has really added a lot of class with the Tonda GT Chronograph into an othewise very classic and similar group of watches.  Everyone tries to be like the other and this brand is very happy to design and provide a style all its own.  Artistic and elegant, the timepiece provides luxury with a fun feel, and doesn’t compromise on quality.  The straps on these choices are also a matter of personality, the rubber more leisure choice is still classy, but a little more relaxed, and the metal band can in some ways dress up the case, but because of the overall texture and quality, either band is a winner.  Parmigiani has taken a leap on this design ahead of the other watch makers by staying true to themselves, classic can evolve to blend sport and elegance, and the truth of that is in these designs.