SIHH-2016: Parmigiani Toric Quaestor Ripple

The inspiration for Toric Quaestor Ripple model was Japanese garden. Sometimes this inspiration can be found in the idyllic islands of fine sand, forming concentric waves and curls, causing the association with relaxing tides. That this story was embodied on the face of extraordinary Toric Quaestor Ripple watches, praising the Japanese Zen philosophy.

 Dial Toric Quaestor Ripple is made of solid gold. Engraved motif is made by hand, to create a wave of varying depth and achieve the effect of perspective. Each groove has been engraved in the master's hand, and then made for better drawing of borders, while remaining very thin and narrow. White gold shell extends through a characteristic pattern of the dial for cabinet models Toric rings embossed knurled pattern. Crown decorated with a cabochon ruby, supplementing the design model. Tobacco-colored strap for this unique model is made brand Hermès alligator.

Minute Repeater model Toric Quaestor Ripple equipped with flywheel, replaces the traditional pallet fork, which can rightly be called an innovative invention of Parmigiani Fleurier specialists. It provides an uninterrupted supply of spring energy and adjusts the speed bumps, creating the conditions for quiet operation of the repeater. Because the gear pallet fork inevitably works with jerky, and completely neutralizes the flywheel mechanical sounds, keeping only the carillon cathedral gongs.

 Workmanship slugger melodies are not left to chance. The case is made of pink gold so as to fight the minute repeater has got the best acoustic performance, allowing sound waves to vibrate in his heart at the optimum frequency. Gongs of Toric Quaestor Ripple watch called in accordance with the terminology "cathedral", as they perform a double turn around the mechanism. This greatly enhances the acoustics, compared with a single turnover, but considerably complicates the process of inserting watchmakers mechanism in the body. Melody minute repeater, slugger hours, quarters and minutes, is further proof of the highest level of performance Toric Quaestor Ripple.

Let’s take a brief look of how the brand took its place in the watches world. Boundless talent, a passion for invention and extensive professional experience helped Michel Parmigiani in record time to become one of the living classics of watchmaking. Founder Michel Parmigiani Parmigiani Fleurier was born in little town Flёre. Love for chronometric mechanics Michel instilled by his father, a watches mechanic-toolmaker.

At about 5000 watches per year are being produced under the brand Parmigiani Fleurier. It notes that in 1996 was released a total of 56 pieces, which, bypassing the shops were delivered straight from the factory to customers. Today, the unique quality of equipment and execution of timepieces sold exclusively in retail stores specializing in the sale of high-quality watches. Only a long-term forecast is expected to increase annual output to 6 000 - 7000 pieces. So for the foreseeable future unique watches created by the masters of Flёre retain their extremely rare, collectible status .

A few years ago, Michel Parmigiani was one of the initiators of the Fleurier Quality Foundation (Foundation, guarantee the highest quality of production), as an alternative Poincon de Geneve, the criteria which, according to Parmigiani, severe enough to Haute Horlogerie. The doors of this organization is open to all watch companies Flёre, but only selected units currently meet all the requirements of the regional "quality mark".