Patek Philippe Among the Best Watchmakers

Mechanical watches are watches that require our attention on a regular basis to function, making them something we interact with on a regular basis. Rather than being a nuisance, mechanical watch lovers enjoy the interaction with their watches. There are only a few watchmakers in the world whose quality is so high that their mechanical watches are more than just timepieces and become investments and highly sought after investments. One of these watchmakers is Patek Philippe. In a recent article from Popular Mechanics about the nine most important watches in the world, including such esteemed manufacturers of luxury watches as Audemars Piguet and Rolex, one-third of the watches on the list were made by none other than Patek Philippe. The three Patek Philippe mechanical watches that made the "most important mechanical watches in the world" list were the "Packard", one of the first ultra-complicated watches ever created; the "Graves", a watch so valuable it sold for more than $11 million in 1989; and the "Caliber 89", considered the most complex watch in the world. Each a masterpiece in its own right, these three watches represent all that is wonderful about luxury timepieces from Patek Philippe. In addition to the attractive mechanical luxury watches, Patek Philippe watches include a collection of some of the most popular luxury complicated watches ever created. World of Luxury offers a dazzling array of Philippe Patek styles, including both the lady’s and men’s Aquanaut collection, and the lady’s and men’s Nautilus collection, often at prices far less than retail. World of Luxury also carries several styles of Philippe Patek complicated watches. The detailed and accurate mechanics of the annual calendar, perpetual calendar, and moon phase complications not only add style and luxury to any sophisticated individual but truly attest to the talent and commitment to quality offered by Patek Philippe.