Patek Philippe Complicated Men & Ladies

The Patek Philippe Complicated Collection is a line of mechanical watches that combines elegant design with utility and function. A ‘complication’ is anything a mechanical watch might do beyond telling the time and simple date. Patek Philippe Complicated luxury watches are made for both men and women. Below are some of the complications that Patek Philippe offers across their various models:
  • - World Time – The world time complication is great for those that travel between time zones often. World time luxury watches display all 37 time zones.
  • - Annual and Perpetual Calendars - Annual and Perpetual Calendars are a complication that allows the wearer to keep up with the date with little to no maintenance. For mechanical watches this is quite a feat. Annual calendars need to be adjusted for the change from February to March, but perpetual calendars “perpetually” have the correct date and do not need to be adjusted.
  • - Minute Repeater - The minute repeater complication is used to sound chimes at the press of a button that signify what time it is. The pitches of the chimes are correlated to what they represent such as hour, quarter hour, minute, etc…
  • - Tourbillon - The Tourbillon complication started out as a way to counteract the effects on gravity by putting the escapement and balance wheel in a rotating cage. With modern technology, watches do not require the tourbillion function for precision. However, the complication still draws interest from watch collectors today.
Below are a few men’s and lady’s Patek Philippe Complicated watch models.