Patek Philippe - Two Major Auctions Only One Month Apart

As one of the world's most respected designers, anything that relates to Patek Philippe Watches is of great interest to collectors. Some of the earliest timepieces in this magnificent collection have sold for many times their original going rate, and their value still continues to appreciate due the increased demand and intricate design work that can only be found in Patek Philippe work. In fact, in the 1800's, no other designer watches were known to be capable of such complex, yet functional, work. One of the leading stories in regard to current Patek Philippe watches is the sale of an extremely rare timepiece from the Patek Philippe collection. Made out of 18k gold, the Patek Philippe World Time wristwatch, Ref. 2523, was a much anticipated entry in the auction held at the Antiquorum. Enthusiasts and collectors spanning the entire globe watched on May 13th while the collector's piece finally sold for a very impressive sum of 1,190,500 - if you're wondering what the US conversion is, that's a whopping $1,268,382! The watch was originally crafted in 1956, and the guilloche dial makes it one of the most sought after pieces recently auctioned. Patek Philippe Yellow Gold Tonneau Minute Repeater Watch If you missed the World Time auction in Geneva, then you still have time to get in on the next one that will be held this month in New York City on June 14, which is the current story trending in Patek Philippe Watches. This auction will not be held at the Antiquorum, but at Sotheby's, and it will feature a collection of thirteen Patek Philippe watches that were originally in the possession of Henry Graves Jr. The earliest of these timepieces was commissioned in 1868, and they feature some of the most intricate and complicated inner design work that was known to their time period. Patek Philippe Minute Repeater Pocket Watch One of the key features that sets Patek Philippe is the detail in fine craftsmanship that each piece displays. They are a true gentlemen's watch, and the sheer sophistication that their design exudes almost guarantees that they will fetch much higher auction rates than their initial purchase price. If you are an aspiring collector of one of these beautiful pieces of the history, then you should definitely keep an eye out on Patek Philippe Watches for information about any future auctions that will be held. When they are put up for auction, they go very quickly and if the next collector decides to part with their treasure you can bet on the price increasing at least threefold.