Watchmakers Patek Philippe And Tiffany & Co. Join Forces

When the watch making company Patek Philippe decides to celebrate, it does so in style. Recently, a Patek Philippe watch went for $4 million and set the record for the most expensive watch. Then the Patek Philippe Company watched as its Eric Clapton limited edition watch went for around $3.6 million. To keep the momentum going, the company decided to team up with Tiffany & Co. to release a limited edition ladies’ watch and a limited edition men’s watch. Watchmakers Patek Philippe And Tiffany & Co. Join Forces The inspiration for this collaboration comes from the fifth anniversary of the opening of the Patek Philippe flagship store in Tiffany’s of New York. Since the store opened, both the watch company and the retail store have enjoyed significant success. That is why they both agreed to go in on developing a watch to commemorate the occasion. Watchmakers Patek Philippe And Tiffany & Co. Join Forces The Patek Philippe Company has been making luxury watches since 1839. Since then, it has developed a style of its own that luxury watch buyers have come to recognize and appreciate. The men’s watch in this series is called the Annual Calendar watch and it has that sleek look to it that the Philippe watches have become famous for. It has an 18-karat white gold case that is lined with diamonds. The watch itself offers functions such as day, date and moon phase. It is attached to a black leather alligator strap and it also has a separate indicator for the month. Watchmakers Patek Philippe And Tiffany & Co. Join Forces The ladies’ watch was given a special name to help bring together the history of Patek Philippe and the status of Tiffany & Co. The watch is called the Gondolo, and it has the same 18-karat white gold case bordered by diamonds that the men’s watch offers. The watch face is a matte blue and the colors are offset very well by the cream satin band. The dial on the Gondolo is a mother of pearl, which just adds to the sense of elegance that this watch offers. When two giants in the luxury business get together to commemorate a successful relationship, there is bound to be something great that comes out of it. These two watches made by Patek Philippe to remember five successful years in the Fifth Avenue store of Tiffany’s can stand alone against any other luxury watch in the world. These are limited edition and only available through Tiffany & Co. They are definitely worth the trip to Manhattan.