New Piaget Couture Precieuse Collection

Unveiling the most prestigious and delicate pieces, the new Piaget Couture Precieuse Collection took center stage at the Biennale des Antiquaires. Showcasing 59 exquisite jewelry pieces, and 12 high end time pieces, the brand emphasized feminine beauty through the collection with luxurious elegance. New Piaget Couture Precieuse Collection The brand presented new rose gold pieces within the collection, as well as some brilliant diamond encrusted high-end watches, that were also adorned with baguette cut diamonds. One of the pieces within the collection, the Limelight Dancing Light watch, rose gold and covered with 206 stunning diamonds. The collection also featured the high jewelry cuff piece, also in rose gold, and adorned with 297 brilliant cut diamonds. New Piaget Couture Precieuse Collection The collection delivered a multi-purpose piece that doubles as a cuff ad model, and like the other pieces is also encrusted with over 194 diamonds. There are other opulent pieces within the collection, and all crafted with beauty and sophistication. Shimmering and shining, the brand was aimed at attracting the feminine clients, using a limited color palette of white diamonds, red rubellites, and black spinels, all made in beautiful white gold. Seduction was the theme, utilizing lace, corsets, ribbons and tassels, all of them in white gold and covered in precious stones. The creations were designed masterfully with the perfect mix of diamond cuts, brilliants and baguettes, reflecting sparkle and a youthful resurgence. The Piaget Couture Precieuse Collection was definitely eye catching, one piece that drew second looks was the Couture Precieuse necklace, called the Diamond Embroidery Inspiration. This piece resembles a delicate lace, set with 1513 brilliant-cut diamonds, 133 baguette-cut diamonds, 4 pear shaped diamonds and 11 rose cut diamonds. Laying across the neckline like a lace collar, the necklace embraces the skin. Sexy and seducing, the pieces in the collection cling to the body, bringing an intimate and romantic fit. The watches in the collection are designed with the same sultry elegance. The Couture Precieuse Exceptional cuff watch is remarkable, sitting comfortably on the wrist, beautiful looping bands of gold, sitting with bands of brilliant and baguette cut diamonds. The design of the watch is intriguing, keeping the wristwatch face on the inside of the wrist, so the wearer can check the time at their discretion. One of the other pieces in the collection, a cuff watch also named the Diamond Embroidery Inspiration, is sexy, slinky, and certainly made head turns during the debut of the collection. The case is set with 69 brilliant-cut diamonds, surrounding the dial, snow-set with 331 brilliant-cut diamonds, and grasping the wrist with a mesh cuff, made in gold and plaited, knitted and twisted flawlessly. The New Piaget Couture Precieuse Collection stays true to the brand, taking design elegance to the top level, without sacrifice to the reputation, and maintaining the exquisite beauty that the world has come to expect.