Richard Mille Mechanical Fountain pen

Fountain pen - a luxury for connoisseurs, collectors and fans of the original things that is pleasant to use daily or occasionally. Today, the Swiss brand Richard Mille presents elegant and innovative writing attribute which is extremely stylish, and the design of which is comparable in complexity with a clockwork mechanism of Richard Mille.

Fountain pen with the original mechanism perfectly reflects the key principles of the brand: a concentrate of technology and innovation, expressive aesthetics, optimal ergonomics. This manufactory creation continues the strategy of further development of the Swiss watch brand from the Jura region, embodying the style of Richard Mille in new categories of products, as it has been previously issued with a mechanical titanium studs.

Four years of research and development was taken to create this unique, highly technically product, which was designed by designers clockworks. This "caliber" is platinum and skeletonized bridges Titanium degree 5. It manages the amazing mechanics with 12 stones protrude and retract the pen of white gold.

The button on the end triggers a baguette shape, which uses the return descent and a drum with a spring. This descent, commonly used in watches with the function of a fight for a few seconds, slowly pushes the head of the pen. Surfaces with a matte and sand-blasted, rhodium-wheel drive with a circular pattern, hand polished edges, cutouts and converging angles indicate the quality of the finish of the mechanism protected by a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating.

Equip cap complex mechanism within the housing for a split second the springs in the drum. This pen smoothly retracts into the handle, but it is enough to touch a button, and it will immediately put forward again. Engineers have also developed an original method of disconnecting the pen that makes it easy to INSERT IGNORE the ink cartridge without disturbing the operation of the mechanism and the handle.

The handle is made of Richard Mille NTPT carbon fiber - a material with unique properties, the resulting overlay each other several hundred layers of carbon fibers at an angle of 45 ° to each other on a special automated machine. After heat treatment at 120 ° in an autoclave, resembling used in the aerospace industry, the resulting material is processed at ProArt factory where the housing for releasing Richard Mille timepieces. During this treatment, layers of carbon NTPT show through in unexpected ways, forming a unique pattern and giving the unique character of each handle. Titanium degree 5 emphasizes pen loop, and is also used for the application of the mechanism on the manufacturer's name and serial number.

Offering mechanical fountain pen to his numerous fans, Richard Mille is emblematic of the original vision of the subject, which, like the sentry to the House of the Jura region, making new steps in the world of luxury goods. It is designed primarily to connoisseurs of high-quality writing and flawless Swiss mechanics.

For your information Richard Mille is quite a young brand. Richard broke into watchmaking in 2000 at the turn of the millennium. His creations have perhaps the greatest impact on the appearance and content of modern watches and accesories. Moreover, without his masterpieces  and invented innovations and features is impossible to imagine modern horology.

Mill himself, creates his masterpieces, locked in his own castle in Brittany, like a secret conductor directs an orchestra from a variety of plants.