Richard Mille RM 69 Erotic Tourbillon

Richard Mille is a name that rightly goes down in the history of watchmaking. In fact, this man, who has spearheaded the brand under his own name, has ordained the emergence of a new style, balancing between tradition of classical Swiss watchmaking schools and high engineering elements from other industries - automotive and aviation. And his watch which can rightfully be proud to wear the title of immigrants from the world of «haute horologerie», in fact more than that - objects of high micromechanics. And the proof of this is the impressive list of innovations the brand used in the manufacture of parts of their watches from the most important to the most simple, sometimes not immediately apparent.


The Richard Mille watch case is round, rectangular, or the most characteristic brand pillow shapes (tonneau). One of the most difficult in the modern watchmaking, consisting of three parts - the front bezel, the center section and rear bezel, and its minimum two hundred mechanical operations and weeks of work. But it fits very comfortable on the wrist.

Separate discussion deserves the spline titanium screws, which became branded items like buildings and mechanisms of Richard Mille. The company became the first in the watch industry, which uses this type of screws. This choice was made due to the fact that the spline screws allow precise dosing instrument effort during installation, which is a crucial prerequisite for a high-quality product assembly. The production of these products requires more than 20 separate operations. Given the number of screws used in some timepieces, the investment in their production often exceeds the cost of manufacturing the whole mechanism of a middle-class manufacturer. Concluding the topic housings should be noted that as the base material brand uses titanium, platinum, and white and pink gold.

Let’s be honest, expensive watches impress the girls, it is a fact, but for Richard Mille’s company women's impressions were clearly not enough. Brand’s new tourbillon can talk about physical and chemical processes occurring in the mind of the owner, contemplating the charms of the opposite sex. We assume that this watch are designed for the timid of the rich and wealthy bullies, prone to shock the audience.


Erotic Tourbillon RM 69 are different than the traditional "erotic" watches only that they have drawn or engraved "nudity". The company has made Richard Mille watches, which can perform the mouthpiece of carnal ambitions of its owner. The function was implemented by engineers of Renaud et Papi studio, and the solution of the problem titanium steel rotating rollers on the edges of which are engraved the words, folding in the phrase, the most innocent of which sounds like “Let me kiss you tonight”. However, the phrase "Do you want to look at my tourbillon?" Monsieur Richard Mille actually resisted.


Using this watch is simple: the words on the rollers are formed into phrases after pressing the button on the top of left side of the titanium hull. Beneath it is another button – it’s necessary to force the lowering or raising hands, so that ice can be opened or removed from sight, hiding her skeletonized hands.

The mechanism is put by hand and it’s more complicated by tourbillon. In addition to the time timepiece also shows a reserve. To create a studio-caliber Renaud et Papi has used more than five hundred components. Watches will be sold only in boutiques Richard Mille, which are only 24 pieces in the whole world, and the release of the model is limited to 30 copies. The price is on request.