Richard Mille RM039 Aviation E6-B Watch – Luxury Aviation Watch

The Richard Mille RM039 Aviation E6-B watch is one of the latest in a series of high-quality limited-edition watches. This is limited edition watch to 30 pieces, making it one of the most sought-after watches by pilots in a long time. It features everything that you need for measurements and calculations during a flight. This model is based on a watch commonly used by divers, and is designed to be extra durable. It also features movement that works beautifully, giving you a very reliable watch. The watch face is very visible in a number of different conditions.

One of the things that are most appealing about this luxury watch is the slide-rule bezel. This allows you to easily take advantage of all of the watch's features. You can easily use it as a navigational aid. Another advantage of this watch is that it will feel lightweight on your wrist. The case is constructed of titanium, which is durable, yet doesn't weigh your wrist down unnecessarily. Its overall effect is that of a watch that is sure to please any pilot who is serious about the timepieces he or she uses.

Richard Mille RM039 Aviation E6-B Watch

The watch's date indicator is of a large size. This helps ensure that you always have the date correct when time is of the essence. The chronographic flyback display is also very helpful for pilots. This is one of the features that make this watch so eagerly anticipated. Another advantage is that the watch features a separate GMT hand. It is easy to keep track of time across multiple time zones when a comparison can be made to GMT time. Because it has these features, it is easily defined as a luxury watch that offers some of the best functionality currently available.

The Richard Mille RM039 Aviation E6-B watch also has some additional features that make it highly sought-after. A countdown timer is included, which is considered to be an essential feature of aviation watches. The function selector allows you to easily choose what you need to use the watch for, without spending too much time setting it. Its power reserve lasts for about 70 hours, giving you plenty of usage time. This watch's movement uses manual winding. Since there are so few of these watches available, you'll know that you're getting a very unique watch that is worth what you spend on it. You will want to get one of these watches while they are still available.

Richard Mille RM039 Aviation E6-B Watch