Roger Dubuis: exquisite sumptuousness for ladies

In 2016, most Roger Dubuis attention will be paid to women: the company is proud to announce this year of Diva Velvet. Diva of the world Roger Dubuis has inimitable diva temperament and multifaceted personality. Incomparable complexity of the women nature make a unique ability to turn reveal their various parties and boldly demonstrate this or that facet of character, depending on the situation and mood. In a spectacular setting that is associated with the most brilliant international film festivals, the world of Roger Dubuis at the exhibition SIHH 2016 becomes an ideal stage where every woman can feel like a Diva, passing on the red carpet. It revives the atmosphere of the Golden Age of Hollywood, creates a stunning backdrop resembling a modern film festivals with a lot of stars. The body position, posture, stateliness, bearing come to the fore when the modern femme fatale, inspired and inspiring muse, stunningly beautiful and captivatingly mysterious Diva fully embodies the characteristics of Roger Dubuis women image. After laying on the mission, "the creator of jewelry unique pieces", the company Roger Dubuis has chosen Velvet charismatic collection as perfect means of expressing their vision Diva. The combination of round and barrel-shaped watches body, which creates the effect of trompley; exquisitely decorated with a strap with an additional third element in the form of a precious link which has become a key element of decor; two-level layout of the dial: Velvet collection was made for Divas, which attracted a great design and amazing materials, a well as the slugger a steady rhythm of a mechanical heart. In 2016, Roger Dubuis is five collections that reveal the five faces of the female nature, which may be presented in the form of superior quality, Diva, followed by a series of accompanying adjectives. Velvet Ribbon - refined, elegant, timeless. Blossom Velvet - a feline character, fascinating, imperious, impulsive, mysterious. Black Velvet - endearing, freedom-loving, rebellious, hard-line, do not know borders. Let’s look closer of one of the models. At SIHH 2016 Roger Dubuis sings this sensitive brink of female nature in a fascinating work of fine jewelry under the significant name of Velvet Ribbon. Manufacture Roger Dubuis has had time to teach their fans around the world to the constant quality of its products in high watchmaking, as evidenced by certificates Poinçon de Genève. Just brand uncompromisingly true to the standards of fine jewelry. Strong technical foundation, an amazing insight into the design, excellent tack stones are harmoniously combined and manifest themselves in the line of Velvet Ribbon, embodying the quintessence of luxury and exclusive watches. Velvet collection clearly focused on the refined and discerning women who are able to assess the internal advantages of a complex clockwork, but at the same time, due to its natural elegance and refinement, partial to a luxurious glamorous models that carry the same spark as in themselves . This stunning work of fine jewelry decorated with no less than 631 diamonds weighing about 53 carats. Design platinum case Velvet Ribbon optimally chosen size (38.5 mm) has been specially adapted to make it fully inlaid diamonds and baguette-cut emerald. The inner bezel and gleaming face fully covered with baguette-cut diamonds, creating a mesmerizing effect that is further enhanced by the fact that this virginal purity is not disturbed by the presence of the usual markers. All this serves as a good example of how you can achieve impressive effects by reducing the number of parts. This known design principle is supported by the lack of the usual tabs on the sides of the body, instead of which there is the original central foot, accented perfectly matched and truly unique stones.