RJ ‘DC Comics Villains’ Joker & Two-Face ARRAW Watches

Time after Time RJ watches has worked with entertainment companies in the past to design and deliver superhero timepieces. Spiderman and Batman, are just the beginning of some magnificent watches that have been born in this collaboration. Arraw is the brand’s signature model, and the first to introduce two villains: the Joker and Harvey Two-Face to this spectacular lineup. While superheroes are always loved, supervillains fascinate us and we want to hate them, but something draws us in and we love them just a little. Complex, unpredictable, intriguing and so bad, these villains make your heart skip a beat, but these timepieces never lose time. The high quality engraving and enamel work are showcased in these pieces and capture the nature of the Dark Knight villains.   The Joker Batman’s arch-enemy, the Joker. A character that presents a clown-like persona, a psychopath that has a dark history and a sadistic sense of humor. The villain was first introduced in Batman #1 in 1940. The brand has introduced a lovely 45 mm titanium chronograph with the signature rubber bumpers and a bezel that is laser-engraved with a incredulous Joker motif. The dial design features a plaster-like finish, and is hand painted in an artisitc and stylish interpretation of the Joker’s face. The watch hands and hour markers are heart-shaped and the center seconds counter-weight is created with a Joker logo. As you turn the watch over, the rotor is personalized with the enduring enemy and captures the heart of the villain forever. The timepiece is completed with three choices of interchangable straps, green, purple alligator leather, and rubber. Whatever your mood, can be reflected in your choice, so you can clown around as you feel.   Two-Face  The RJ Arraw design of the Batman adversary Harvey Dent, or Two-Face as he is better remembered is amazing. The character hideously scarred by acid, went insane and turned to crime and was obsessed by duality. Capturing that aspect in this 45 mm titanium timepiece is nothing short of spectacular. The true personality of the villain is dispayed in every detail of this watch. One side of the piece is structured with a dial and polished case, the other distressed with chemical burns and skeletonized movement. The same two sides are shown in the interchangeable strap, crafted from calf leather and rubber. The villain was disfigured on the right side of his face and this watch certainly embraces that same dual feature. The small seconds is a rotating coin, which is also part of the Two-Face signature. Utilizing the talented engraving the brand is famous for allows this timepiece to reflect the dual look and capture the theme. The strap features two contrasting grey and black strips that wrap around and connect bringing that final appearance that half the watch has been melted by acid.   Final Fantasy  Limited edition timepieces, RJ ‘DC Comics Villains’ Joker & Two-Face ARRAW Watches are a collectors dream. With only 100 pieces of each you can assure they will be hard to find. If you love comics and yet you want something with elegance and charm, either of these timepieces will be a great addition.