Romain Jerome DeLorean DNA Watch

The Romain Jerome Watch Company has a very short history, but in that time it has released some of the most legendary and talked about timepieces in history. Their first huge splash was made by releasing the Moon Dust DNA, a watch that featured actual moon dust in its construction. This was followed by the Titanic DNA, featuring steel from the famous ship. And now the company has returned with the DeLorean DNA, a testament to one of the most famous cars in pop culture history.

Romain Jerome  DeLorean DNA Watch

The DeLorean was released in 1981 and was only made until 1983. While it never caught on with consumers, the car has its place in history thanks to the Back to the Future films that featured it as the time machine the protagonist uses to travel back through time. It only makes sense that this iconic piece of pop culture history finds a home in the DNA collection from Romain Jerome.

Romain Jerome  DeLorean DNA Watch

Each DeLorean DNA watch will use actual pieces from a DeLorean DMC-12 sports car in their construction. Only about 6,500 of these cars exist, and these watches will use the metal from one in the bezel of the watch. The strap his made from upholstery leather complete with the kind of anthracite grey stitching used in the interior of the DeLorean. The movement is the high-quality RJ001-CH automatic caliber movement that delivers top of the line quality and precision in these luxury watches. As for the dial, it is brushed steel with sections painted black. It helps to give the overall feel of a DeLorean without blatantly placing it on the face. The dials are also created to resemble odometers and dashboard indicators from the famous car, and the hands feature the same unique style we've all come to expect from the RJ watch company.

It's worth mentioning that the DeLorean DNA watch is only available in a limited series. The vehicle debuted in 1981 and as a result this collection features only 81 pieces worldwide. Each watch is engraved with its number on the case back as well as featuring an engraved image of the DeLorean. It's a perfect testament to one of the most famous vehicles in cinema, and to a car that really made a mark on the auto industry during its short lifespan.

If you're looking for a watch that is unlike any other, you'll want to take a look at the DeLorean DNA watch. Like all Romain Jerome watches, it's something truly unique.