Romain Jerome Space Invaders 1 Watch with Blue Figures

Romain Jerome collaborated with TAITO Corporation to create the new Space Invaders watch last year. A limited edition of eight watches in five colors was available only at the trendy, Paris-based boutique, the Colette. The Romain Jerome Space Invaders 1 watch with blue figures is believed to a tribute to the late 20th century pop culture icon, the Space Invaders. The popular game was first launched in 1978 by TAITO, Japan. One of the earliest shooting games was eventually licensed for development in the United States by the gaming company Midway. Many historians credit the game for popularizing the culture of video games among the youngsters. In fact, the popularity of the game had led to a shortage of the 100-yen coins in Japan, when the game was first launched in the country. Numerous versions of the game have been released over the years, and it remains as popular among patrons as ever, especially in arcades across the country.

Romain Jerome Space Invaders 1 Watch with Blue Figures

The self-proclaimed game addict and CEO of Romain Jerome, Manuel Emch, grew up in the era of Space Invader during the 1980s. Like most youngsters of the era, he was a patron of the first electronic game on a fixed arcade console. The Space Invader watches by Romain Jerome retain the same round shaped, steel coalesced fragments of Apollo 11 inside a cambered 46 mm square. The watch also consists of four legs, each with a functional ball-and-socket joint. These resemble lunar spaceships of the American lunar missions. The legs sit on axles that are connected to the case. They hold the rubber strap lugs, and help watch strap adjust to wrists of all shapes and sizes.

The back of the watch is made from a silver alloy with a low oxidation rate. The stellar pattern adds to its glamour. The dial consists of three layers. The 3.5 mm part consists of two bead blasted layers and a third straight graining layer which give the dial a pixilated appearance. Each Romain Jerome Space Invaders 1 watch is carefully manufactured by machines and by hands. They are great conversation pieces with the ability to create a distinct impression on everyone who sees this designer watch. While blue is the most popular color, the watch is also available in other colors such as the red, green, purple and yellow.

Romain Jerome watches have been known for their raw imagination. They have been inspired by the magic of the moon, the power of lava, and mysteries of the deep sea. The company has created watches from exclusive materials such as steel from the Titanic or from the Apollo 11 space shuttle, as well as moon dust and volcanic lava. The materials have been blended with silver to create exquisite time pieces including the Romain Jerome Space Invaders 1 watch with blue figures.