Romain Jerome Titanic DNA: Legends to Adorn Elegant Wrists

Romain Jerome watches launched in 2004 became an iconic brand in the challenging world of high-end horology. It is indeed a daunting task for a new company to penetrate the bastion of the niche area of luxury watches mostly monopolized by the legendary watch makers of Switzerland with a heritage running over many hundreds of years, such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, and others. In this tough world of heritage marketing Romain Jerome ventured with awesome designs and the flamboyant display of the DNA of famous legends. Today the world recognizes Romain Jerome as an iconic brand that permits you to wear a piece of history around the wrist.

The brand has produced the three series of watches based on the concept of the DNA of famous legends which is indeed the first in the watch world. The watches pageant some of the illustrious as well as the infamous moments in human history. The steel from the ill-fated Titanic (Titanic DNA), the dust secured from the Moon (Moon DNA) and the ash procured from the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull go into the making of these dazzling shapes of the RJ surrounding the brand in legend and lore. These significant events of history are frozen in these unique relics that time will not easily forget.

The Titanic DNA watch is made of the retrieved wreck of the ill fated vessel that sank in 1912. The bezel is finished of the steel brought up from a depth of 3840 meters. The hands of the watch are visual echoes of the anchor of the ship. The dial’s profound black hue is due to the use of coal from the wreck by a particular method. The watches are fashioned in limited edition of 2012 to mark the 100th anniversary of its ill-fated first journey. The Titanic DNA watch is the melting pot of coal, steel and rust from the most romanticized ship wreck.

Titanic DNA watches are presented in four formats, automatic, steampunk, chronograph and tourbillons. The Tourbillons are fitted with a manual winding movement while others have mechanical self-winding movements. These watches are rugged oversized creations. The automatic and tourbillons are 46 mm. The Titanic DNA Steampunk and Titanic DNA chronograph have a whopping 50 mm case. The bezels of all these watches set the Titanic tone by the extremely rusted steel. The black PVD coated steel case of these entire watches fuse with the bezel in giving the watch a weird look which no one can miss. While Titanic DNA tourbillon limited edition is a close-fisted nine only, others have a miserly generous 2012 pieces each.

The dial of the automatic is deep black, made of the coal recovered from the wreck. The strap is again subterranean black with the option to choose between rubber and hornback crocodile strap. The term steampunk refers to the literary genre referring to the science fiction in which defunct technology is employed in a modern milieu. This deliberate coinage for a watch is a bold nomenclature that brings the historical echoes of the great steam ocean liners that ruled the sea. These watches of mind boggling audacity are anachronistic in material and looks. Truly watches that trigger the gift of the gab on any lover of horology.