S.T. Dupont Zodiac Collection Where Talent Meets Destiny

Many question what inspired Simon Tissot-Dupont to found this brilliant and respected brand that celebrates 140 years of creative genius and luxurious magnificence. Was it talent, destiny, or perhaps fate that has delivered such remarkable creations for this incredible journey? The S.T. Dupont Zodiac collection is certainly a tribute to a lifetime of the finest in exceptional products. Design mastery has since the onset of this brand been the heart of passion that shines through in each masterpiece. Recently recognized with the EPV (Living Heritage Companies) seal of quality, the brand was granted this prestigious award by the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry. Awarded to French businesses in recognition of exceptional Savoir-faire, the brand is certainly deserving. S.T. Dupont Zodiac Collection This latest line launched toward the end of 2012 by the brand is nothing short of magnificent. The collection is a limited edition, 31 made-to-order pieces that are destined for collectors. This collection has focused on the most exceptional concepts that this brand has breathed from its beginning. The qualities that create such innovation are melded together in this S.T. Dupont Zodiac collection. Starting with the exceptional theme of this collection, where the stars are blended with each person to allow a customized choice from the 12 signs of the zodiac. Then each of the pieces is created from exceptional materials, hand-crafted metal, coupled with the brand renowned Chinese lacquer; carved, polished and finished off in solid brass. Without the highest regard for exceptional detail, the brand would never have survived 140 years, but as with all their collections, the distinctive detail is what brings each piece to life. The fountain pen, lighter and ash tray each feature specific details, such as the rotating zodiac symbols on the side of the lighter. Of course the brand has respected and reveled in the greatest of talents. The exceptional designer, Philippe Tournaire, is just one of the reasons the brand has achieved such remarkable creations. Never a disappointment with any of the collections, the S.T. Dupont Zodiac collection is admirable in every way. The lighters allowing for a specific design to be dedicated to each zodiacal constellation, the image engraved over black lacquer and the name on the top. Of course made on demand, allowing any of the twelve signs to be chosen, as with all the customized pieces within this exceptional collection. Talent or destiny might not ever be truly determined, but exceptional was never a doubt.