Santoni Shoes


Creative Craft


Italian craftsmanship coupled with creativity and cultural heritage all blend together since 1975 to bring Santoni shoes. The vision of Andrea was brought to life in the workshop bringing the finest in luxury footwear to the world.  Carrying on the family name, his son Giuseppe propelled the brand around the globe and continued to bring character, quality, handcrafting and exquisite details to this luxury brand. Artisanal shoemaking from the brand meets high standards, rigorous testing, and large-scale production that delivers state of the art excellent shoes. The century old methods that Santoni delivers involve hand-stitching, upper-cutting, outsole shaping, and Goodyear welting, all intricate hand work, but combined with state of the art technology manufacturing allows the brand to grow, and never sacrifice excellence.


Comfort, Style, Sophistication


Gentlemen around the globe experience Santoni shoes, versatile and elegant.  The signature model, double monks, just like the little black dress every woman has is an icon for the brand, the Rake is more classic and very authentic. Every model embraces the subtle soft leather, and can go with a tux or a comfy pair of jeans. Trainers, or sneakers as many would call them are now a part of the line-up and join others in the sportswear collection. There are so many great choices in the collections that every man can find that footwear selection that fits their need.


Tradition Forever

Innovative and tradition based, Santoni built success on those foundations.  As the heritage of craftsmanship formed processes, the techniques were refined and designs were formulated for the brand success. Evolving through the years, the brand worked to attract customers who were sophisticated and very stylish.  Clients of Santoni shoes have high expectations, they want quality, and beauty with perfection in each pair. The philosophy for the brand is the constant quest for perfection and a journey to respect the past as they focus their attention on the future. So part of the tradition of the brand is to provide an environmental commitment. At their headquarters, the brand is fully eco-compatible and was built from 90% recyclable materials, using natural resources to reduce energy consumption.  There is a photovoltaic power plant that provides power for parking and production areas that generates 170% of the annual consumption of the entire industrial unit.  Just like the brand shoe making process, where they only use the finest all natural materials, they want to be aware of the environment around the globe and respect the world working to make it better as well. Quality goes into every pair of shoes, and into every breath Santoni takes.