Sevenfriday V-series

It would seem that it’s practically impossible to surprise audience with extraordinary design or original filing nowadays. However, Sevenfriday  company collections cause genuine interest among connoisseurs of watch art and among ordinary fans. Sevenfriday - young Swiss brand that creates watches, uncommon appearance which attracts thousands of wrist mechanics fans. And the secret of success, meanwhile, is very simple: famous designers from Zurich presented a powerful image - union rage of the modern city and the concept of industrial design. But most importantly, these "toys" they address not those who easily waste money but to people who are ready to try something new. Sevenfriday makes watches for special people. Combining finishing polished and matte surfaces, the designers have created the most respectable clock style. Mineral glass protecting the dials. Special attention should be payed to watches packing - an eco-friendly wooden box resembles a box of valuable equipment. The release of a new collection became the Sevenfriday breakthrough. Watch V-series got a new body and a new visual sophistication. Because the brand is popular among fans of the theme custom belts, it established a system of rapid change. And the most interesting - Sevenfriday now equipped with NFC-chip. V-series watches are the first examples of the NFC-chips, but Sevenfriday immediate goal is to spread the technology for the entire range. This chip does not require a power source and allows easy movement of the hand to verify the authenticity of purchase. Detection is carried out using a mobile application, and install the software in your phone will be the end of September. After registration watches in the application, the owner will be able to instantly receive information on warranties and service accessibility, in addition, it gives him the opportunity to communicate with Sevenfriday fans around the world. Fans of the brand know that the main feature of all Sevenfriday - are visual complications. The first models used a beautiful but tricky Turnout disk indication. Then, replaced by a more comprehensible disk. The company has surpassed V-Series wtches itself in sophistication, while they displayed an unexpected way, which is now patented brand - using disk-adders. The new display system resembles a satellite pointer Urwerk, although in a simplified form. At the center of the dial is set disc labeled 0, 4, 8. Rotating around its axis, it performs the function of the arrow - mark on it, passing along the upstream of the scale indicates values from 0 to 4. In order to know the time, it is necessary to lay down the current value of the adder with a value scale. For example, the scale moves along the hour mark 4, it is opposite the mark 1, add up the numbers and get a 5 - this is the current time. The same principle works second indicator. The minutes also show a standard way - long skeletonized arrow set in the center of the dial. Feature V-series consists in the fact that it appeared light of day and night. Housing at the clock now more rounded, and it ceased to be symmetrical - on its left side are two projections, which are hidden button quick-change system of straps. It is made of steel and its dimensions are: 44.3 mm x 49.7 mm x 12.8 mm. Dial multi-level, machine-finished in a few techniques. Mineral glass, tempered and coated with antialiasing. Water resistance: 30 meters. The mechanism is still Japanese - Miyota 82S7 with a 40-hour power reserve. According to tradition, the brand has left open balance wheel. There are only two versions of new model: in one bright face, the other - with a dark finish "bronze". Price is 1055 Swiss francs.