SEVENFRIDAY V-Series overview

SEVENFRIDAY company in the short term (the base year - 2010) have done a lot - the Swiss watch found an echo in the hearts of people from all over the world, SEVENFRIDAY models could take the main position in the segment of industrial clock style. Within this framework, some manufacturers have in recent years tried to create something, but only managed to present the company SEVENFRIDAY really interesting specimens. We offer a look at the clock with an unusual dial - SEVENFRIDAY V2-01 and V1-01 from the collection of V-Series. For lovers of moderately shiny surfaces SEVENFRIDAY company has prepared a model V1-01. Background dial glows when exposed to light, marking places painted in blue color that does not violate the general harmony with the black marks. Many people prefer frosted dial - SEVENFRIDAYV2-01 watch design is based on the successful combination of bronze label with matte gray and dark gray background elements. Unusual device like a four dial indifferent to mathematics personalities: the clock SEVENFRIDAY V-Series for a moment to find out it does not, you must add the specified figure on the movable disk to the label on the fan panel. The small central disk labeled "0", "4", "8" models V2-01 and V1-01 change clockwise. Indications central disc adds a user data module in the form of a fan - so it is clear the time. The surface of the "fan" on the model V2 when closer examination resembles an eggshell, and the texture of the parts on the clock V1 has a classic ribs. As is the case with an hour drive, second drive has its own "response" panel. Models from the collection of the V-Series SEVENFRIDAY only the minute hand and the indicator "day night" vaguely resemble the corresponding parts on the clock from other manufacturers. In many other V1 and V2 are contrary to conventional notions of what should be the clock. This is precisely the company's outlook SEVENFRIDAY. And let the unusual structure of the dial takes some getting used to. After mastering the possession of such a clock dial delivers a fun - master SEVENFRIDAY realized a unique technical solutions, while many other watchmakers just trying to invent that - something new. SEVENFRIDAY watches  from the V-Series collection is completely similar in size - the diameter of the steel casing is nearly 50 mm (49.7, according to the manufacturer) is not only an accessory confident person, but also a magnet for the views. The strap is joined directly to the housing in grooves on the edges. Leather bracelet handmade amenable to quick and easy replacement - a system change the strap company SEVENFRIDAY called FSC (Fast Strap Changer - literally "Quick Change Strap"). In the recesses receiving the ends of the bracelet, small channels are provided. Inputs to the channels seen from the left side of the housing. They are equipped with spring clips on the basis of: for the complete extraction of the lock simply press on it, the spring will push it out of the channel. Changing the strap on the other, return lock into place. That's all! No tools are needed. Wireless chip near field communication NFC establishes a connection with a smartphone in less than a second. After downloading the appropriate application on the smartphone SEVENFRIDAY V-Series owner can register its watches. Now you can receive important information about warranties and service, as well as communicate with adherents of the community of SEVENFRIDAY watches owners. V-Series collection  symbolizes the desire for discovery of a whole new and unusual. Worthy materials, fair treatment, an innovative approach to the structure of the dial and strap system - that's what makes the model V1 and V2 among the best watches in terms of price and quality.