Spero Lucem La Clemence "Crazy Hands" Minute Repeater Flying Tourbillon

The Spero Lucem is a new brand of watches, that was inspired by the city of Geneva. Its name was taken from the city's motto "Post Tenebras Lux", meaning "Light After Darkness" - the full version of which is "Post Tenebras Spero Lucem" (from the Old Testament Book of Job, in the Bible), meaning "After darkness, I hope for light" or "After calamity, I aspire to happiness". This watch company strives to pay tribute Geneva and the fundamentals of the city. They believe that these fundamentals of tradition and a history that is still an integral part of the city's daily life are those that Swiss watchmaking owes a large part of its identity.

The founder of this independent brand is Yvan Arpa, who also founded and commandeered Romain Jerome until 2009, when he established the niche brand ArtyA Watch - a brand that focuses on designs that incorporate elements of modern art - that just released the guitar-inspired Son of Sound. La Clemence is a tribute to one of the bells in the Geneva Cathedral, which is the source of inspiration for Arpa’s new creation, as it is a landmark in his beloved hometown. This watch is powered by a complex, manually-wound mechanical movement featuring a flying tourbillon and minute repeater complication - and, according to the brand, all of this has been developed in-house. The repeater has a traditional gong, named Saint-Pierre; was given the name to honor Arpa's friend who developed the movement, Pierre Favre. The name is also a reference to Geneva's famous cathedral. Equipped with a tourbillon with a carriage performing one turn per minute, everything is done to ensure a complete focus on the sound, but there is a visual treat as well. This exceptional model houses a third and unprecedented complication in the shape of hands which "go crazy" when the repeater is engaged; until suddenly visual magic takes over once more and the hands return to their correct place. The manual winding flying tourbillon movement that has a 90 hour power reserve.

Spero Lucem La Clemence "Crazy Hands" Minute Repeater Flying Tourbillon

Even before you see the hands "go crazy", this unusual Spero Lucem watch is a sight to behold. The tourbillon cage is inspired by the head of the pastoral key which appears on the emblem of Geneva, and feathers of the imperial eagle's wind are engraved on the dial. On the back of La Jonction, the eagle’s crown forms the bridge of the centrifugal governor. The unique, mechanically complex movement is decorated with 59 jewel, has been hand decorated, and is visible through its sapphire crystal caseback.

Spero Lucem La Clemence "Crazy Hands" Minute Repeater Flying Tourbillon

The radiant dial displays an off-centered hour and minute indication, via a specially layered disc, at the 12 o’clock position. The flying tourbillon is then located at 6 o’clock, with the crown at found at 3 o’clock. The soon-to-be famous repeater slide is located at 9 o'clock.

You can choose between an 18k gold or two-tone titanium case, for this 44 mm Spero Lucem. The Sapphire crystal, and back of the case, are both finished with a circular satin-brush; and the hand-sewn crocodile strap features a titanium buckle and 18k gold logo.

These are limited to eight pieces per metal case type, and though there is no official word on pricing or availability yet, the price is expected to approach somewhere in the six figures. This highly unusual piece will suit those looking for something deceptively different, even while offering a level of quality and finishing that will satisfy even the most discerning aficionados.