Wrist watch for mountaineers and climbers

For obvious reasons, the vast majority of rock-climbers take off their watches and everything superfluous immediately before exercise or competition climbing. However, in some cases, the clock remains on the hand (for example, if there is no other opportunity to know time or reach the heights, you need a beep alert, or simply do not want to dirty the mobile phone with your hands). So, this article is for those who have decided to complement their outfit as an essential accessory and is now at the very edge of the field until you learn more about perfect watch features. The first and foremost condition for climbing wristwatches - a high resistance to adverse conditions at high altitude. General tips: - The timepiece should not be afraid of changes in temperature and pressure, and also some mechanical effects (impacts on solid rock). - The clock must have good water resistance (not less than 100 meters) and to be very light (optimal materials: titanium, carbon fiber, a lightweight plastic). - The watch need to be very firmly fixed on the hand, so that they do not fall down and do not slip. - The watch strap should be a rubber, preferably perforated, so that the skin can breathe. Rubber is easily rinsed from magnesia. Leather strap quickly tears, rag - stained, steel bracelet will pull arm (exception - lightweight titanium bracelet). - Timepiece do not need additional coverage. With such intense workloads of even very durable coating soon will fade away and the clock will lose the look. - Figures should be large, clear, understandable. It is better to buy electronics, not to waste a split second at the age of awareness shown by the arrows. - Desirable lock button (this function is, for example, has Suunto watch), because the clock will often contact with the wall. Of course, the climbers should prefer quartz mechanics and electronics. Constant strikes a rock, shaking, and other adverse conditions will very soon bring automatic mechanism into disrepair. Required function: - The barometer (atmospheric pressure measurements help predict the weather, the storm will not catch you by surprise); - Altimeter (measurement of height is necessary not only to establish personal records, but also to alert you to achieve the set point of the differential heights, etc.); - Stopwatch / chronograph / tachymeter / telemeter (for playing tracks on the speed, determination of the rate of approximation of bad weather, the time of the notification remains on the attempt etc.) - GPS (satellite navigation system allows you to track the exact location in coordinates, measure the distance from point A to point B etc.); - Compass and Thermometer The film "127 Hours" with James Franco in the lead role is based on the autobiographical book of the young climber Aron Ralston amateur, which in 2003 alone had gone to conquer the canyon and fell into the crevice. In the film, exactly recreated a set of equipment that was available in Ralston that fateful day and that helped him survive. Among other things, can be seen in the frame clock Suunto Vector Yellow - a real tool-watch - one of the coolest professional multitasking timepiecefor the active outdoor pastimes. Combine all conceivable functions needed in the mountains.