New TAG Heuer Watches – Unique Luxury Designs

There are several new TAG Heuer watches available that are genuinely unique. This brand has been providing quality Swiss watches since 1860. Some of the Hollywood's most popular celebrities wear these luxury watches on a regular basis. The company has patented several features that add to their watches' great reputation. It was also one of the very first companies to offer watches that use chronographs. Over the years, the brand has increased in popularity and continually added to its unique product line. The company currently offers many unique designer watches, including some exciting new models.

The TAG Heuer Carrera Jack Heuer 80th Birthday Limited Edition Watch was designed by the company's former CEO and honorary president. It is originally based on a popular 1960's watch model. The design is simple, with silver hands and applied hour markers, yet easily stands out when worn. The strap is crafted of attractive black calfskin. This watch is also sold with the option of a silver band, for those who prefer a more metallic look. The watch offers a comfortable fit, and is versatile enough to use for just about any occasion.

TAG Heuer Carrera Jack Heuer 80th Birthday Limited Edition Watch

Another popular limited-edition watch is the TAG Heuer Mikroourbillon. This watch uses technology that helps keep the movement carefully regulated. This helps ensure that it always keeps the correct time. The watch and chronograph functions operate separately, helping to keep your watch in good condition at all times. A rubber strap is used that helps you wear the watch in comfort. The case is styled after the popular Carrera watches from the 1960's, which were also made by TAG Heuer. This special watch is a blend of modern sophistication, tested time-keeping technology, and a classic style. You will want to consider adding this watch to your wardrobe if functionality is important.

TAG Heuer Mikroourbillon

The TAG Heuer Formula 1 Lady Yin Yang is an elegant option for women who love fine watches. The design is based on the concept of the Ying and Yang opposites. 18 carat white gold is used to help give the watch its elegant, refined appearance. The dial features a mixture of white and black diamonds that helps enhance the Ying Yang concept. There are also diamonds featured on the bracelet, giving the watch an especially impressive appearance. Simple hands are used on the watch face that nicely complement the rest of the watch. It features the same quality movement and durability that has come to be associated with the TAG Heuer brand.

TAG Heuer Formula 1 Lady Yin Yang