Smart watch - Tag Heuer Connected

Till this date, the company TAG Heuer kept in secret the technical characteristics of their smart watches, announced Jean-Claude Biver during the Basel Fair. It was known only that in addition to their creation took another hour mark of Intel and Google. In addition, it was announced that a natural limiter imagination of developers began with sum of $ 1 500 that marketers TAG Heuer seemed appropriate for a smart watch. Explanation of the price tag suggests itself - about this sum of money you’ll give for Apple Watch or iPhone, in conjunction with a smart watch that works with an iOS.

Let's find out why TAG Heuer company had to hide its new timepiece. In truth, all this time remained unknown only the appearance of the product, while its functionality could make accurate assumptions. The fact that in the spring of 2015 Google announced a number of major platform updates Android Wear, used in smart watches, and in the following months it has consistently engaged with upgrade.

The company made it possible to release both rectangular and round watches. Faces become interactive, and the connection with the phone is carried out not only by means of Bluetooth, but also via Wi-Fi. Moreover, Android-Watch now supports connection to devices with an iOS. Today Android Wear allows you to use a huge number of applications and switch between them on the screen by scrolling. The most beloved of them can remain active and it continues to work even if the hand is lowered, and the clock went into sleep mode. Of course any of the gadgets on this operating system supports voice control system OK Google, services Google Fit, Google Maps and even Google Translate.

In Tag Heuer watch Connected for the successful implementation of these and other operations responsible processor Intel® Atom ™ Z34XX (dual-core, 1.6 GHz). It is powered by a lithium battery, guaranteeing the watch autonomous operation within 24 hours. To enter a voice command using a small microphone. The data is stored in the memory module 4 GB. Touchscreen is sapphire. Timepiece got water resistance class IP67, which ensures their survival after a brief exposure to the water. "Crown" is used to transfer watches in power saving mode to active one.

TAG Heuer added to this watch some of the classic functions: timer, alarm clock and stopwatch, the design of which is designed in strict accordance with the style of the brand. Digital arrows and labels are always visible on the screen, even when the watch is in power saving mode. Titanium housing with a diameter of 46 mm. Tag Heuer Connected sold bundled with rubber strap (black, red, blue, white, orange, green and yellow), folding clasp, titanium. Price - $ 1500 dollars.

Also a cool fact that the company created a smart watch that does not look like a smart watch. This is a huge plus for those who are used to the mechanics. They are similar to the digitized version of the Carrera Heuer 01. There are several options of dial is available for buyers: chronograph with tree arrows and GMT (black, dark blue and pearl white). Soon, the company promises to upload to Google Play other options dials.

But the most intriguing news is that the buyer of TAG Heuer Connected is able to exchange them for a mechanical watch. At the end of a two-year warranty period, you can go to any store for the exchange of TAG Heuer watches to mechanical smart titanium Carrera with a similar design. They are designed and reserved exclusively for owners of smart watches.