TAG Heuer Commemorates 50 Years of Carrera

A year-long celebration takes place in Geneva, Switzerland recognizing and exploring the aesthetic origins in architecture, art, fashion of the 1960's and industrial design of Carrera. Part of that celebration of the line is dedicated to motor sports-inspired watches and chronographs and allows fans to view new innovations as TAG Heuer Commemorates 50 Years of Carrera.

The inspiration of the exhibit was to allow visitors the opportunity to see the line in its creative atmosphere. The celebration begins inside the early 20th century Sécheron Hall and showcases featured commissioned artworks, iconic furniture and a full historical range of the brand timepieces. The artistic creations that were the foundation of this concept came from Mark Rothko, Robert Indiana, Jackson Pollock, Peter Blake, and John Baldessari. Another creative inspiration was the brand Panamericana Mexico Road Race, an open-road challenge.

TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 36 Racing Chronograph Flyback

Jack Heuer created the brand in 1963, and the brand remains the standard bearer of the timepieces motor sports pedigree. Designed and crafted to meet the explicit needs of professional drivers, the timepieces are tough, easy-to-read, and manufactured with the utmost precision. As TAG Heuer Commemorates 50 Years of Carrera, they do so with classic and innovative ideas that deliver this breakthrough design.

The look and feel of the timepiece was something Heuer knew in his heart and mind. Gathering ideas from many of the early 1960's modernism, the geometric purity of Oscar Niemeyer's new architecture, as seen by the curving and sensual lines of the Eero Saarinen building or the clean uncluttered aesthetics of Pop Art. As a fan and participant in the sport himself, Heuer knew exactly what was needed, including a shock resistant and waterproof case.

TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 36 Chronograph Flyback

Utilizing new materials and techniques was just part of the creation, each timepiece through the years took on a new look, captured a new essence of the races and the drivers. The first was the stunning black and white “Panda” edition with a tachometer. Still one of the most coveted models by luxury collectors.

In 1969, the brand patented Chronomatic Calibre 11, the world's first automatic chronograph took center stage, and changed the path for timepiece design. Featuring the oscillating pinion invented by Edouard Heuer in 1887, the new timepiece was equipped with a moveable spiral block which made for precise regulation and only the tiniest error in timing, even in the most extreme conditions. The patented regulator changed watch making history.

When the quartz editions made their debut in the 70's it just demonstrated the brand's dominance in the digital age and how successful they continued to be. Drivers around the globe sported the brand timepieces and as Heuer sponsored races, engraved timepieces were given as gifts to the drivers.

TAG Heuer Commemorates 50 Years of Carrera with another sleek and modern timepiece. Loaded with features, the day of the week and date display, three chronograph sub dials and a tachometer scale bezel on a classic 41mm case. Five row steel was used for the bracelet, alternating fine-brushed and polished finishes, fastening with a solid steel folding clasp. The dial is protected by a domed, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with a non-reflective coating for easy readability.

Another exquisite timepiece that will join the most wanted on the collectors list, and another win on the racing circuit. No matter if you race or not, this timepiece will provide precise moments to allow the wearer to race to the finish.