Tissot PRX 40mm and 35mm Gold Tone

Time In A Bottle

           Capturing style, quality and value in a timepiece often eludes many in the horological world, and adding a touch of nostalgia as well is almost impossible, yet Tissot has managed to do so with the PRX 40mm and 35mm in Gold Tone.  Success for this watch is probably not the best word, total success is more accurate.  The brand has truly designed a PRX for everyone and every taste.  The brand is sometimes not as well known as others, but they are very appealing to your mainstream consumers and most of the horological enthusiast.   Tissot has crafted these timepieces in both quartz and automatic versions and offered the history dating back to the 1800’s.  With so many watches in their line to choose from, making the 70’s PRX version the first to be resurrected was brilliant.  The original was released in 1978 and like time in a bottle, this beauty re-designed and released checks every box for trending the era.

Sticker Shock

          When you first lay eyes on the beauty of the Tissot PRX you might believe it is not in your budget, but don’t despair, these gold on gold designer watches are very affordable.  These new PRX 40mm and 35mm in Gold Tone feature all the details of the original, with clean lines, modern dial, integrated bracelet and stunning quartz movement.  Certainly the 35mm is more compact, but closer to the original for that time period.  If you have a smaller wrist it can be a perfect fit.  If you embrace the 70’s as your jam, and still have the bell bottoms and jewelry to prove it, this gold on gold case and bracelet will help accent that to perfection.  While it might be better to leave the fashion behind, the fun design and exquisite look of the new PRX will fit your wrist and budget.  The timepieces were designed in stainless steel as well as the gold, but the yellow gold with PVD coating is elegant, and offset with a champagne dial makes it quite striking and certainly not a watch that will go unnoticed.

Design Dimension

          The overall comfort of these watches in the PRX line and dimensions make them quite attractive, you have the 40mm featured at 10.4mm thick, crafted with a large but not over powering timepiece.  The 35mm is slightly slimmer at 9.6mm thick and tapered sharply to hug the bracelet providing extreme comfort.  So eye-catching at 40mm or slightly more obscure at 35mm, both timepieces are designed with dimensions that fill your wrist with possibilities.  Each of these timepieces are equipped with a Swiss made ETA quartz movement, making them appeal to a larger market, those who love the price and style, and those that want a watch with personality and perfection.  If you are looking for that classic watch that fits perfect in so many ways, the

Tissot PRX 40mm and 35mm Gold Tone timepieces are the ones.