Big Unit Chronograph by Ulysse Nardin Honors Randy Johnson

Randy Johnson, the Major League pitcher known for his scowl and 100 mile per hour fastball, has helped design a high end watch in his own honor. You might not think it by looking at the six-foot 10-inch, mullet wearing, tobacco spitting superstar, but the man is a watch aficionado. Randy Johnson, otherwise known as the Big Unit, teamed up with Ulysse Nardin to bring you a watch aptly named the Big Unit. Ulysse Nardin Honors Randy Johnson Everything about this watch is masculine. The black on black look is made visually stunning by the differences in textures. Some of the black is textured while other black is polished smooth. Some of the black is mattes, while other black is gloss. This gives the watch a subtle aesthetic appeal while maintaining a stark masculinity. Parmigiani Fleurier Kalpa Grande The black is accented with rose gold, blue and red. The glow of the yellow gold gives the watch wearable warmth and the stark contrast of the gold against the black make the watch easy to read. The bezel is straight forward. It has clearly defined rose gold marks and easily read digital-font numerals, except there is one twist. There is the number 51 where the number 50 should be. The 51, Johnson`s number, makes the watch unique to Big Unit. The case is made of stainless steel and rubber. It is also rather large sitting at almost 49 mm in diameter and is waterproof up to 200 meters. It is not called the Big Unit for nothing. This designer watch dial features an anti-reflective sapphire crystal making it easy to read in all light setting; even during the dog days of summer at the ballpark. There are small baseball icons serving as the counterweight to the watch hands. There are no hour numerals inside the watch, just bold golden marks for each hour. There are small altimeter inspired chronographs inside the watch that keep track of the date, seconds and minutes. Inside one of the watch face is a small etching that displays the name of the watch, Ulysse Nardin Big Unit. The strap is rubberized for that sporty look and functionality. You need a tight fit for athletics and this watch is inspired by one of the most recognizable athletes in baseball. The crown is screw down and also rubberized. This watch is great for the watch collector, sportsman and baseball fan. It is the ultimate in high-end masculine functionality.