Blue Toro Limited Edition Watch Released by Ulysse Nardin

Watch collectors will want to stand in line for this extremely rare, and once in a lifetime opportunity to own a rare Ulysse Nardin watch. Ulysse Nardin boutiques are releasing an extremely limited edition Blue Toro watch. The Ulysse Nardin Blue Toro limited edition will be available to only 99 customers, and has a price tag of $56,000. However, it is not the limited amount of watches that are available to customers that sets this watch apart from all the others. It is the rare, design and features that allow the watch to provide a perpetual calendar that sets it apart. The new Blue Toro watch is the only designer watch on the market that offers a perpetual calendar, with dual-time function. When the date or time needs to be changed on a traditional watch, the wear must completely remove it to twist the push button. This requirement can take several minutes, and sometimes interfere with the timekeeping. The Ulysse Nardin Blue Toro limited edition features pushers that allow the wearer to instantly change the date and time without interfering with the timekeeping or having to take the watch off. Ulysse Nardin Blue Toro Limited Edition The perpetual calendar can work by offering an extremely unique timekeeping technique. The Ulysse Nardin Blue Toro limited edition features a small arrow-tipped hand that is mounted to the center of the watch. This hand is used to keep track of the “base” time and date. When the pushers on the side of the watch are pushed to move the time forward or back, the watch uses the reference time to tell if the date, day, month or year needs to be changed. If it does, the watch instantly moves the dial forward or backwards to show the correct date, day, month, or year within seconds of changing the time. Ulysse Nardin Blue Toro Limited Edition The unique perpetual calendar isn`t the only feature that is impressive on the Ulysse Nardin Blue Toro limited edition, the overall designs is also impressive. The bezel and pushers on this exclusive watch are made out of ceramic, while the hour and minute hands are skeletonized to provide easy reading of the day, date, month and year features on the watch. A beautifully polished sapphire exhibition case shows off the inner workings of the watch beautifully and protects the watch markings and calendar from external damage. All movement of the watch including the perpetual calendar is run by a COSC-certified chronometer known as the Caliber UN-32.