Freak Vision Watch from Ulysse Nardin

The Ulysse Nardin Freak Vision Watch is a revolutionary timepiece that has been created by one of the leading brands. As a pioneer of innovative timepieces, the brand is a leader in horological expertise. Crafted using key parts of the InnoVision 2 and equipped with the automatic winding system that utilizes all silicon parts the timepiece also offers the winding of the mainstream with small case movements.  

Edgy Reliability

This timepiece provides a unique look, with a thinner design from all previous styles. At 45mm wide, with the crown-less craftmanship this timepiece wears exquisitely. Created with two materials, the case has been manufactured with a precise machined grade 5 titanium bezel and solid platinum middle case. Crafted with performance in mind, the watch is modern, edgy and of course reliable.  

Modern Movement

The movement incorporated in this Ulysse Nardin Freak Vison Watch is an automatic winding system, more efficient than traditional ones, and a first for the brand. Previous versions of this watch featured a long power reserve but winding was difficult due to case design. As a water resistant case, the top and rear bezels rotate, the top sets the time, and the rear winds it. Winding on this piece is optional, not mandatory.  

The Look

Reading this timepiece means looking at the rear disc hour hand, and the large minute hand that houses the main gear train. One feature of this watch is the minute hand assembly has taken the shape of a boat hull. One of the most impressive elements that Ulysse Nardin provided on this timepiece is the viewing of the in-house design. Key to the regulation system is the brand anchor constant escapement. The watch also features an all-silicon balance wheel, and a constant force system inside the escapement that keeps the mainspring winding down. Constant amplitude that results from this design is what drives the high degree of accuracy that this timepiece provides. Freak Vision features an the in-house caliber UN-250 and operates at a frequency of 2.5Hz and 50 hours of power reserve.  

Dedicated to Excellence

As a limited edition production, the Freak Vision Watch collection continues to show innovation and design brilliance for the brand. Always dedicated to driving forward, Ulysse Nardin continues to be a leader in horological excellence. Elegant and compelling designs for high end watches keeps the brand on the wrist of the elite.