Game of Thrones Watch Ulysse Nardin

Swiss manufacturer Ulysse Nardin creates the Game of Thrones Watch after teaming up with HBO licensing. A signature timepiece, drawing it’s inspiration from the Night’s Watch, a military order dressed entirely in black, and dedicated to holding The Wall, an ice fortress that protects the Seven Kingdoms from the dangers of the North. The HBO series was created to follow the lives of several powerful families as they fight and struggle for the Iron Throne and control of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. A battle for power and strategy, the design of this timepiece captures that essence in every way. The sporty timepiece took the rugged diving chronograph as inspiration, looking very dark and cold with the monochromatic rich black color, and elements of red detailed on the dial. The red is significant and was crafted to represent the inner feeling of the sacred order. Ulysse Nardin creates the Game of Thrones Watch with a 45.8mm diameter case made from stainless steel, and then coated with the matte black rubber. Ulysse Nardin Game of Thrones Watch The timepiece is finished with an exposed, sapphire glass case back that is of course engraved with the series logo. The strap features inscribed phrases, "The Night’s Watch" and "I am the Sword in the Darkness". Only 25 pieces will be manufactured of the design, and they will only be sold in limited locations. The HBO series has a very dedicated following and offering such an amazing timepiece for them to wear and showcase the tribute to the show is just another exciting collectible for addition to other lines. The watch was the vision of Nelson Lucero, the brand vice president of sales and marketing. After watching the opening sequence of the show, seeing cities and castles rising from a map, via the use of gears, it reminded him of a inner watch mechanism. Approaching HBO at a very fortuitous time, both thought that it was a unique idea, and one that world work for them both. Being a global favorite, the series was a perfect alignment for Ulysse Nardin creating the Game of Thrones Watch. Producing the exciting timepiece right before season three was advantageous and hopefully there will be other editions in the work. Capturing the true essence of the series with this timepiece was as important as the unique design and certainly was accomplished by the end result. Any collector of the series products would want to add this magnificent watch, and any timepiece collector would be honored to have this a collection.