Marine Chronograph Annual Calendar by Ulysse Nardin

As is well known: the art of simplicity - it is a complex puzzle, and a new model of Ulysse Nardin proves it. The annual calendar of manufacture - mechanically complicated, but technically simple, elegant, but easy to use. Simplicity is always elusive, and original at the same time. The new model Marine Chronograph Annual Calendar is fully consistent with this statement. Outwardly simple, uncluttered, the complexity of the mechanism is hidden from the gaze of its owner. The annual calendar, the indicators of which is regulated in two directions: forward and back, mechanism configured using silicon technology, maximum precision of fully manufactory caliber UN-153. The annual calendar of its functions, in a series of similar models can be positioned between the perpetual calendar, where the first adjustment mechanism for the calendar indicators need not before 2100, and a simple calendar mechanism that requires adjustments in five years, performed manually. Annual calendar mechanism is mounted on one year: it automatically detects all months, with their number of days: 30 or 31, but not in February. That one and this adjustment is required throughout the year. Typically, the assembly of the calendar mechanism requires about thirty separate parts manufactory masters managed to assemble it using only twelve. During the work on the creation of the caliber of a simple calendar mechanism has been prepared by UN-118, which later was revised: added extra three gears, and has turned the annual calendar. The essence of this approach is similar to the vision of Ludwig Oechslin, a genius of the watch world, for which simplicity was akin to philosophy. The new caliber UN-153 is fully designed and assembled in the factory walls, the frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. System-spiral balance made of silicon, manufactured by Sigatec, co-owned by Ulysse Nardin. Setting the time and calendar indicators can be done in both directions: forward and backward. Here is a function of the chronograph: thirty-minute counter at "3 o'clock", hour counter at "6 o'clock" and small seconds at "9 o'clock" position, in addition to this, a 9-hour mark displayed month, special notches, an additional calendar setting. The date aperture at "6 o'clock". Model Marine Chronograph Annual Calendar has become a worthy successor to its predecessors, released in 2012 models Marine Chronometer Manufacture and later, in 2013, a model Marine Chronograph Manufacture. There are the same classic shape, concise labels, aesthetics early board chronometers. Fluted bezel, diameter 43 mm, fixed on the thread crown, providing a mechanism for leaks, enhanced INSERT IGNORE for a tight fit in the hours hand. The image of the new model - a fascinating story amazing maritime heritage of manufacture embodied in the technology achieving this. For reference, it is worth recalling that Ulysse Nardin - Swiss brand of luxury watches with the eventful history. The company, which received its name in honor of the founder of the company - a hereditary Swiss watchmaker Ulysse Nardin, his first watch released in 1846. It is noteworthy that at the time the specialization manufactory masters were marine chronometers. They were used to determine the coordinates of the vessel and therefore the accuracy of their course subject to special requirements (even in multi-week voyage - in the face of strong pitching and tangible changes in temperature - the ship's clock must be show time, without the slightest deviation).