Ulysse Nardin Diver Chronograph

Yacht or Not

Luxury and lasting beauty are what you expect from Ulysse Nardin and every timepiece that they create.  So when they introduced the Diver Chronograph why would anyone expect less.  Certainly you can know without hesitation you are going to get a timepiece that is meant to be worn, with comfort, precision, and refinement.  Like a fine wine, or a expertly designed yacht, the new diver is refreshing, unique, and most assuredly offering a sense of flair.  A core collection for the brand, the changes through the years have been positive and touching every aspect of the design.  Always embracing the essence of the collection, but also moving forward for the future. 

Diving In

The new design has been reworked for the case and dial to capture a sleek and modern vibe.  The new Ulysse Nardin Diver Chronograph has a grained texture and has exquisite skeletonized hands replacing the straight lume filled ones.  The changes have increased legibility on the dial and really provide a more balanced feel.  The design changes for the bezel have crafted a more elegant and sleek look while still maintaining the diver heritage.  It is easy to see the brand has put careful thought into the changes, executing each with immaculate dedication.  The creation of this timepiece draws you in, making one want to pay attention and soak up every detail.  Those details are what play a significant role in every timepiece the brand crafts.  The finishes that are placed for this collection are breathtaking, and the level of detail is not seen on any other dive watch, or luxury sport watch, but when Ulysse Nardin creates, it only knows excellence.

Deep Beauty

While the outer beauty of the Diver Chronograph is unmistakable you also have to respect the standard 300m of water resistance, necessary for the designation of the timepiece.  Having a sapphire crystal caseback exhibiting the in-house UN-118 was not really necessary but again if you have it you might as well flaunt it.  Other similar brand timepieces don’t bother with these little details, but that is why this brand stands out among the competitors.  The automatic movement is clever in design, wing-like balance bridges and polished bevels, as well as the official certification that is unnecessary but brilliant.  Light and comfortable in titanium, sporting a 44mm wide detailed case and let us not forget the UN-118 uses a silicon hairspring, which the brand pioneered.  The Ulysse Nardin Diver Chronograph is spectacular in so fmany ways, modern, sporty but elegant, and overall just what one would expect from a brand that stands above the rest even when it is underwater!