Ulysse Nardin Marine Mega Yacht Watch

Artistry In Motion

          The Ulysse Nardin Marine Mega Yacht watch is truly artistry in motion. The timepiece is certainly a luxury, but for many it is a must have.  Swiss watchmaker, Ulysse Nardin has been a part of the boating world for many years and participated in many marine events.  The brand has produced numerous watches and clocks for yacht owners and they have a long history of producing marine chronometer navigation clocks.  This timepiece is just one of the whimsical watches the brand has crafted, but a beautiful example of perfection.

Style, Sophistication, & Success

          The two limited edition pieces the brand introduced offer 30 pieces each, the printed platinum version and the 18k rose gold case.  The Marine Mega Yacht features a larger case at 44mm wide and 15mm thick but there is so much that needs space.  The case itself is water resistant to 50 meters, and deviating from the other cases, this one presents a side-oriented sapphire crystal window on the right side of the case close to the crown.  The provides a view to the function selector, allowing you to see the crown in winding, moon/tide or time-setting mode, and a fun detail the brand added.  The platinum watch is designed with a grand feu blue enamel dial that has a abstract representation of a bow of a yacht, quite clever.  Then a tourbillon, crafted the cage in shape of a propeller and a spherical moonphase as mentioned above.  The power reserve also has some design brilliance in the shape of a ship’s anchor and certainly the mechanism is quite a piece of work.

Details, Dedication & Design

          Every detail of this Ulysse Nardin Marine Mega Yacht watch is a testament to the brand and thoughts that go into every aspect of design.  The glossy blue alligator strap on the solid platinum case is perfection for snug fit and overall aesthetic look.  The dial is crafted to represent the end of a ship, and of course has the elements to support that with a spinning propeller and a lowering anchor.  The beautiful blue enamel signifies the water and provides a place for the yacht to rest.  The hull of the ship has been created with a light blue allowing a slight outline under the water,and each of these details combined with the functional tools are what make this timepiece brilliant.  The in-house caliber UN-631 provides the time and seconds, and the manual wind movement has 80 hours of power reserve.  On the dial of course the complications present moon phase and tide indicators.  Every detail on these elements is crucial for boating operations, and what makes this timepiece such a masterpiece.  The visual logic of design and theme on this watch is not for everyone but certainly a creation of art, horological brilliance, craftsmanship, luxury appearance, and miniature model work expertise.  The brand has honored the world of yachting and created a treasure of a timepiece.