Ball Moon Phase

The lunar calendar with moon phase indicator is a special category of fine watch complications. Aesthetics, romance, mystery - all this is moon phase.

We first see the calendar with moon phase indicator is in this configuration, how it was created by Ball in a recent men's watches Moon Phase. What is the difference of the indicator Moon phases from the others?

We will answer the question, but first invite you to become familiar with the subject of the above conversation. These watches are worth it!

Dial men's watches Ball Moon Phase is able to charm silver glitters when exposed to light, seasoned in the corporate style Ball silver arrows while not merge with the background. Rays of the sun or any other light reveal all the beauty of the blue dial model Moon Phase. Depending on the angle of incidence of light blue dial can be deep and rich, like a chasm. Or conversely, lighter, lively and playful.

Dial color - one of the differences between the two instances of this review. Second, as soon becomes apparent: Ball Moon Phase watch with blue dial ringed wrist securely using a classic steel bracelet with folding clasp, while the version with a silver dial with a light leather strap.

The diameter of the steel hulls the same - 40 mm, in some ways ideal for modern men's watches, stylish and durable, but not bulky. The back cover with transparent INSERT IGNORE a well-polished, large engraving on its edge are read without difficulty.

Watch Ball Moon Phase easy to make and customize using the convenient crown. Notches on its surface make it possible to set the time and perform other manipulations with the gloves. It is pleasant and what is facing the eye side of the case of the owner of these men's watches devoid of unnecessary decoration. They might disturb the harmony of the image, diverting attention from the main thing.

Let us return to the question posed at the beginning of the review. Our answer is: calendar with moon phase indicator on the dial Ball Moon Phase is different from all the other unusual lighting system.

Lunar calendars backlit in general are extremely rare. If it catch the eye, the illumination is due to the luminescent solution, which treated surface indicator. But the company is not looking for Ball easy ways, often using more convenient illumination in their watches.

Tritium illumination of Ball Moon Phase watch harder fluorescent, the installation of such a system is more expensive. Tritium illumination provides stable and uniform illumination for 20 years without recharging from external light sources, whereas luminescent requires power from the rays of light from the outside only to work a few hours. If you look at the dial with luminescent backlight at the beginning of the night, the lights will be bright. Another glance over a few hours, just before dawn - fluorescent light shines dimly, if at night on the dial does not shine a flashlight or cell phone screen.

Moon phase indicator in Ball Moon Phase watch is constructed of several miniature bulbs, arranged vertically. The flasks are filled with a mixture of tritium and phosphors, which glow is always shining in the darkness for 20 years, and only then begin to fade. The indicator is located at the intersection of three types of surface finish of the dial - a smooth texture at the bottom, corrugated round, and last, rough. Six polished stars make the company to the moon. Arrows and labels are provided with the same bulbs with tritium.

Moon Phase Mens Watch from the company Ball stand out from a number of seemingly similar watches really interesting indicator of the phases of the moon. High production standards and the pursuit of progress in creating lunar calendars provide an excellent result: Moon Phase model is worthy of the attention of all classic watches lovers. Connoisseurs tritium lights, and moon phase indicators, these watches are highly recommended to meet you in person.