Urwerk UR-105M Watch, Strength and Style

While perhaps not the oldest Swiss timepiece making brand, it is one of the most admired and awarded. Recognized for the innovative and complex designs, the brand has gained respect from timepiece aficionados around the globe. One quite impressive piece from Urwerk is the UR-105M Watch, displaying strength and style, the perfect combination.

This timepiece is constructed for durability, built tough, crafted with steel and titanium, but the inner movement is smooth as silk, featuring four forged-aluminum satellites rotating inside the clear case, showcasing the numeral on the bottom, a heart that is complicated but extremely elegant. The second display on the piece helps to provide relevant information, and also houses the power reserve indicator located on the side.

Urwerk UR-105M Watch

Certainly not the same old face that you see on the majority of timepieces, this Urwerk watch has taken the not so traditional path, and features the oscillating satellites, which display your hour and minutes, but all other features have been developed in an internal honeycomb disc design.

Urwerk UR-105M Watch

Exquisite sapphire crystals featured help define the ultimate for this piece. Since tradition is something they clearly have shied away from there should be no surprise that the aesthetics would also break from the horological standards. This totally wonderful timepiece is encased in steel, can be crafted in cold brushed steel or midnight black titanium. The inspiration of this housing was created to resemble brushed armor, ready to withstand any battle.

The brand name came from a German play on the word “Uhrwerk” which means “clockwork” and the “Ur” is referenced from an ancient Sumerian City where 6000 years ago people used oversized sundials to measure time, and “werk” is referenced from German noun “das Werk” meaning “work” or “creation”, all combined to bring this extraordinary company that is on the way up. The Swiss founders, master watchmaker Felix Baumgather, along with chief designer Martin Frei, have made it their life ambition to challenge tradition.

The brand was awarded the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève in 2011, and the UR-105M is one of the reasons why, workmanship, quality and reliability. Designed with a 39.5mm case, 53mm tall and 16.65mm thick, not small, but not overly large, carefully aligned with perfect symmetry and great for wearing anytime with any style. So when considering something new, something clever and creative, give Urwerk a chance and give your wrist a pleasure.