Beauty Meets Precision With the Metiers D`Art Florilege Watch Collection By Vacheron Constantin

When a watch designer releases a series of watches, he usually includes different functionality in each model to appeal to a different kind of customer. When Vacheron Constantin released the Metiers d’Art Florilege watch collection, there was not much difference in the functionality of each watch. However, this is still one of those watch collections where you will absolutely want to have the entire collection in your possession. Metiers D’Art Florilege Watch Collection By Vacheron Constantin The watches themselves utilize a manual-winding caliber 4400 movement to get precise accuracy. The owner will need to become accustomed to the winding down of the watch to get it to keep precise time on a consistent basis. Each of the watches has a circular bezel that is framed using small diamonds. The straps on each watch are leather alligator straps that buckle. The face of each watch is ceramic and each face is protected by a sapphire crystal cover. When you see the faces, you will understand why it is so important to protect them. Metiers D’Art Florilege Watch Collection By Vacheron Constantin There are three watches in the Metiers d’Art Florilege set, and each distinct model is based on the artwork of Robert John Thornton. This was a 19th century painter who became world famous for his accurate paintings of flowers, trees and other fauna. Each face has a unique Thornton painting on it that is crafted directly into the enamel to make it more protected and longer lasting. There are also precious stones set throughout the face to accent the paintings and make them stand out more. Metiers D’Art Florilege Watch Collection By Vacheron Constantin As with most ladies’ luxury watches, the primary functions of these watches are to show the hour and the minute. There are not numbered indicators on the faces because that would take away from the artwork. The color of each strap is different from model to model. They vary from a bright red to a light beige. The brick pattern on the straps helps to enhance the overall look of the watches. When you see this collection of three luxury ladies’ watches, you will understand why it is vital to own the entire set. These are being offered for a limited time and in limited quantities. It is important that you seek out your nearest Vacheron Constantin retailer and be sure to get your set of three Metiers d’Art Florilege watches. It certainly is where art meets the precision of time in a setting that allows nothing but pure luxury.