Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual Time

Timeless Treasure

Vacheron Constantin has always been one of the innovators for timepieces and leading edge for the next big thing, which one could certainly say was true with the sports watches, and the Overseas Dual Time collection.  Launching in 1977, a timepiece that honored the 222nd anniversary of the brand captured a combination of aesthetic beauty and technical brilliance.  A sports watch like none other, and the beginning of a new evolution in watches.  As with most collections they grow and change with technical improvements and more modern demands.  While the timeless features that this watch presented were extraordinary, there is always room for improvement.

Innovative Re-Invention

The brand reinvented the collection in 2016 embracing the world and passion of travel.  The Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual Time introduced in 2018, was the very center of the brand philosophy since it was founded.  The watch was crafted with an inner spirit of sporty fun with classic elegance and overall comfort.  Being the perfect companion for traveling the world, the watch truly captures the essence of evolution.  The overall design was meant for ease of use, sticking with the basics, being practical, and yet unique and striking.  The inner heart of the timepiece works with the idea of taking care of you.  Equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement, a very adept power reserve, and built for reliability and durability, the watch was crafted for travel.

A Beast of a Beauty

The timepiece was built for travelers from every corner of the earth, dedicated to the excellence Vacheron Constantin has always brought to each collection.  The Overseas Dual Time is contemporary, featuring a hexagonal bezel and fluted crown, reminiscent of the Maltese cross, and polished with perfection.  The translucent lacquered dial has been designed with faceted and luminescent gold hour markers and hands.  As you would expect from the brand, the sapphire-crystal topped case back was perfected to reveal the 22-carat gold oscillating weight complete with the compass rose, the symbol for exploration and travel.  A true beauty in the collection, but a beast of a sports watch that is packed with value.  The final perfect finish to this timepiece is the interchangeable strap system, not only the easiest strap on the market, but three options that can provide you with formal exquisite beauty in the black alligator, to a sporty black embossed rubber for fun, and of course the very astute stainless steel bracelet that can change the entire look in absolute seconds.  The brand overseas collection brings dreams to reality and makes travel another day in paradise.