Zenith Captain Central Second Boutique Edition

Simple, sensational, and extremely satisfying, the description for the new Zenith Captain Central Second Boutique Edition timepiece. The other word that is used to describe this new piece, strengths, not only for this watch, but also for the brand and certainly for the exposure around the globe. This piece was selected to go to specialty stores, all outside the United States, but was still significant enough that it will be wanted everywhere. The timepiece is designed as a different version of the original, sporting Arabic hour numerals set against a silvering white dial that looks clean and classic. The beautiful and exquisite hands that are sized perfectly for the dial make the watch truly exceptional. While some might find the piece plain, it has to be seen in person to truly appreciate the exquisite beauty and simplicity that makes it just that. The refined look of the timepiece coupled with the comfort make it a watch that can be worn anywhere and anytime. Zenith Captain Central Second Boutique Edition The signature Zenith star sits over the logo, and features blued seconds hand and the 6 o'clock hour indicator has the symmetrical date sitting right above it. The collection of this series features many watches with the 40 mm wide case, and this edition is constructed in steel as well as 18k rose gold. The case is thin in comparison, water resistant up to 50 meters and has AR coating on the sapphire crystal. The exceptional in-house movement, caliber 670, is impressive, 50 hours of power reserve and automatic winding. Zenith Captain Central Second Boutique Edition The brand quality and reliability is clear for this design, and affordability also makes this an even greater value. Tradition, superb design, and built on the foundation of watchmaking perfection, Georges Favre-Jacot and his company have always stood for excellence. Producing and manufacturing complete watches, the brand also used tools they designed and built, and they hold more than 1500 international awards. From the Zenith Captain Central Second Boutique Edition back to the very first brand timepiece, they have been blazing new horizons. In addition to designing amazing pieces, the brand has always supported the highest of human achievements, space exploration, aviation advances, and more. Providing the timepieces for many major expeditions, the brand has helped to influence the spirit that has propelled it through time, and continues to shape the heritage that defines the brand. So certainly this watch will be a fine addition to any collection, and with the affordable price, it can help start a collection for many others.