Zenith Exclusive Pilot Type 20 Grand Feu Watch

There are so many exquisite timepieces that this brand has designed through the years, some of them highly ornate, some of them simple, and yet all highly precise and crafted with the highest quality. One of the 2014 planned releases is a very unusual and special timepiece, the Zenith Exclusive Pilot Type 20 Grand Feu Watch. This is a rendition of the 2012 release, just slightly more elegant, with some amazing detailing and fabulous movements. Utilizing the historic brand movement recognized as the caliber 5011, the production of this timepiece took form, and while it was an experiment, it has become a popular piece. The brand has worked hard on these models and has tried to develop some excellent designs with great movement. This latest release still features the enamel dial, and or the engraved white gold bezel and lugs. The movement has changed to the 5011K and is 50mm wide with what is said to be a competition design, not a wrist timepiece. While some of the designs are 60mm side, there are also the models created at 45mm, which certainly makes the larger ones seem massive. Zenith Exclusive Pilot Type 20 Grand Feu Watch The Zenith Exclusive Pilot Type 20 Grand Fen Watch will be a manual wind, operating at 18,000 bph and has been constructed for stability, featuring a subsidiary seconds dial and of course a power reserve indicator. The sapphire crystal ring sits in the middle section of the timepiece, allowing the movement operation to be fully viewed. That beautiful bezel and lugs are crafted in 18k white gold, exquisitely engraved with a swirl pattern that is stunning. For those not familiar with the enamel, it is painted and then baked, and the hour markers will have a high contrast to make way for the fresh modern details. Zenith Exclusive Pilot Type 20 Grand Feu Watch The case of the timepiece is sculpted out of a block of sapphire, which combined with the white gold of the bezel, lugs, and crown really is breathtaking. The limited edition of this release is set at 10 pieces, which explains even more how special this watch is. The original caliber dates back to 1960, using a pocket watch and marine chronometer, a Swiss movement, 19 jewels, and 48 hour power reserve. The intricate design work on this timepiece is spectacular and certainly the striking look will make it highly sought after. Beautiful motifs and the immaculate attention to detail on the Zenith Exclusive Pilot Type 20 Grand Fen Watch is magnificent, and despite it is the brands first sapphire case, and the largest in watchmaking history, it is perfection. Be on the lookout for this limited edition collection, you will not want to miss it.