Zenith: from Switzerland with love

In far 1865, in the town of Le Locle 22-year-old George Feb-Jacot founded a small workshop for making watches mechanism. Its main goal was to create the best value pocket watches. Starting very early to take advantage of automation, George led his American-style enterprise. And so he decided to bet on the production of watches using machines. Until 1911, the business of Georges Faivre-Jaco had no name, and only that year proliferating all over the enterprise acquired its name «Zenith SA». Since the beginning of the 1st World War «Zenith SA» are increasingly engaged in the watches manufacture.   The success came to company very quickly, Zenith name often appeared in the list of firms that have achieved great success in the popular Swiss makers of chronometers competitions. At the same time almost every time Zenith found itself in the top of the list. In total over the years factory have got 1,500 awards and became one of the five best companies in Switzerland. Even today, the watches from that period with the caliber 12, 126, 133 and 135 take the breath away from many connoisseurs and collectors. 1969 was the best year for Zenith, the company has introduced well-known caliber for a chronograph 3019 PH (x), which was named «El Primero» and worldwide fame. All Zenith watches have truly great mechanism, and most importantly accurate quality. Models get improved each time, acquiring a new and at the same time well-recognized style look. In 2005 it was presented the long-awaited collection of the most unusual models of watches. People around the world are trying to buy Zenith watches, because this isn’t just another accessory, but it’s a masterpiece. The company doesn’t get tired of creating new and unique watches, and we can not doubt the cloudless future for this brand brand. All the details which Zenith can not or do not want to produce are purchased from suppliers. Zenith company’s philosophy is that everyone should do what he can do better than others, and therefore the production of many components pass to professionals. Manufacture of Le Locle in the division of labor is not alone in this, many well-known manufacturers are doing the same, and they are not shy of it. "Beauty - a gleam of truth" - Plato said. Thierry Nataf, who led Zenith House in 2001 built on this phrase the revival of the brand. And today, five years after the start of a new phase, gradually manufactory confirms the spirit of renewal. Regain its place of honor the legendary chronographic Caliber El Primero, significantly updated and modernized in recent years. And it would be easy to say that Zenith and its El Primero are absolutely inseparable. The release of high quality mechanisms and is accompanied by the emergence of a new image of models - brave, strong and attractive to the public. As a result, the collection was born in 2005, full of a variety of new products from ChronoMaster Open Rettangolare, combining chronographic gauge and date with retrograde, to the countless options of Open. Grand Collection Classpopolnilas is a new complex of models Minute Repeater and Rattrapante Gran Data. Particular attention is paid to female models, demonstrating the seriousness of intentions to create a "form" of the same high level as the "content". Zenith has a long reputation for the quality and precision of their watches. It is one of few remaining Swiss watch manufacturers that still produce their own movements  in-house. At the present time wristwatch Zenith became a sign of a certain style and taste, which is why those who aspire to become owners of these qualities just need to own Zenith timepiece.