Zenith Pilot: three new models for the skies conquerors

Power, exclusivity, sophistication. There are three new models of aircraft watches. Despite the innovative features - the face of a meteorite, body made of bronze or by its amazing lightness design - all three models continue the glorious traditions of the onboard instruments, the Manufacture created at the dawn of aviation.

In addition, the clock retains all features of its legendary predecessors, precision gauge, an impressive diameter, wide and fluted screw-down crown, the large Arabic numerals and graceful direction. Two models equipped with the famous caliber pocket watch 5011K, light a new bright constellation in the heavens Haute Horlogerie, while the model Extra Special Bronze housing confidently joins the famous vintage line Type 20. Each of them recalls the contribution of the Zenith in the conquest of the celestial spaces.

Keeping the memory of the first steps in aviation history and the famous watch models, conquering the skies with pilots pioneers Pilot collection reproduces elements inherent Zenith board instruments of the time. It will be appreciated by fans of aviation and mechanics, and intrepid travelers. Pilot Research Collection symbolizes the spirit, thirst for adventure and discovery and the desire to solve the most complex tasks.

In the early twentieth century Zenith developed instrumentation for the first aircraft and airships. It was accompanied by Zenith watches Louis Bleriot in flight across the English Channel in 1909, and a year later on the hand of Leon Moran set a new speed record, exceeding 100 km/h. Manufactory has become one of the first manufacturers of altimeters and wacthes for aircraft the military and civil aviation. Since 1939 the dashboards of many aircraft is equipped with the famous model of Zenith - Type 20, which was highly appreciated for its reliability, durability and precision.

These watches are specially designed for aviation withstand extreme operating conditions and are characterized by impeccable readability. Three new models are marked by all the characteristic features of its legendary predecessors, strongly support Collection Pilot keeps the memory of the glorious era of achievements and discoveries.

Pilot Type 20 Tribute To Louis Bleriot

At the dawn of aviation equipment onboard Zenith witnessed the outstanding achievements of mankind, such as the flight of the French pilot Louis Bleriot across the English Channel in 1909. In memory of this feat of daring pioneer manufactory is exclusive watch with a dial of the meteorite and cult caliber 5011K, completely covered with engraving. The exclusivity of the new model Pilot Type 20 Tribute To Louis Bleriot underlined by the fact that it is released only in five copies.

Pilot Type 20 Skeleton

The new model Pilot Type 20 Skeleton - a vivid example of the art of virtuoso watchmakers. Air legendary caliber 5011K design puts the clock in a number of genuine masterpieces. The famous pocket watch mechanism fully skeletonized and opens eyes gorgeous watch mechanics, but it does not affect the strength and reliability of the model.

Pilot Type 20 Extra Special

 Doubtless decoration collection of Zenith Aircraft became the new model Pilot Type 20 Extra Special housing made of bronze. Bronze - extra strong alloy of copper and tin, which has anti-magnetic properties. Oxidation of her form a natural patina, which emphasizes the vintage look of this legendary watch. The new model Pilot Type 20 Extra Special, a reminder of the contribution of the brand Zenith in the development of flight measurement instruments at the dawn of aviation, has distinctive properties pilot's watch: the increased luminescent Arabic numerals for optimum readability and a large fluted screw-down crown.