Zenith Pilot Type 20 Blueprint

Flying High

Rich in history and designed with ingenuity, the Zenith Pilot Type 20 Blueprint truly is impressive in every aspect.  The schematics of the timepiece capture essence of the name, and helped the brand gain attention for the magnificent details.  The brand drew inspiration from a blueprint of a historical building and the early Aeronefs blueprints of the early aircraft.  The Type XI aircraft that had been conceived by Louis Bleriot when he flew across the English Channel gave life to the new watch from heart to soul.  So as the brand sought to regain prominence in their 155 year old history, they continued to march to their own drum and fly high with this unique and brilliant creation.

Cleverly Curious

Blueprints have always had a mystery to them, they bring a clever curiosity that is wrapped in intrigue and hope.  Blueprints are what take dreams and turn them into reality.  As Zenith began to imagine the Pilot Type 20 they took great care in development, just as creative as an architect in putting a sketch on paper.  The vision and planning were meticulous and well thought out, there were no details left to the imagination. 

Pilot This

The Zenith Pilot Type 20 Blueprint truly is the one in charge, the leader, the real pilot of these watches and the only one that spells PILOT out on the dial.  The brand has been creating equipment for planes for generations, and allowing their timepieces to be part of historical flights as well.  The indices on this beauty are crafted like dashboard clocks and the large onion crown was created so that winding was easier when wearing gloves.  Only a true aviator could appreciate that detail.  The case back is a work of art, featuring a relief of a wheelbarrow with wings attached.  The 45mm steel cased timepiece is exquisite on the wrist and showcases the bezel that certainly is a statement in itself.  One of the unique aspects of this timepiece is the strap, again capturing the essence of the early years of aviation.  The blue calfskin leather strap is created with inspiration from the classic flight jacket with rivets and a buckle, as well as a tab that you would see on a pilot’s helmet.

Captivating Character

There are so many creative features on this timepiece that you would not be surprised to learn that the side of the case has a screwed plaque that carries the limited edition number of the timepiece.  The power of this flying masterpiece is the Zenith Elite 679 Manufacture automatic movement, an in-house calibre that provides a minimum autonomy of 50 hours.  The dial is probably the most captivating character of this Zenith Pilot Type 20 Blueprint crafted in two parts, the first is a matte blue base inlaid with the technical plans and notes that the brand used and above it sapphire crystals with the markers and brand logo.  The character you see from this watch leaps at you from this visual effect created by this design.  The blue base provides almost an illusion that the markers are in fact hovering above the blueprint dial.  The watch is limited to 250 pieces, and is a honor to the brand for their heritage and a true testament to style and execution of detail.