The soul of the OMAS Pens comes from their creator Armando Simoni who was a technician and artist, a lover of Greek culture, and often stated “A pen must make writing pleasurable” and therefore he designed and created pens that did just that. The brand was an Italian manufacturer located in Bologna, Italy producing writing instruments, ink, fountain pens and other related luxury goods. Founded by Simoni in 1925 the brand went into liquidation in 2016 and enjoyed over 90 years of high end production and success.

The founders love of technical challenges propelled the brand creation of many models from fountain pens that utilized single nib from flexible to calligraphic, and also ball point within the same models. As the company strived for global recognition Simoni was appointed Cavaliere (Knight) of the Crown of Italy, that nobel status helped transform the company and was the trampoline that jumped the company to international stardom. The values that the founder instilled for OMAS Pens stayed embedded in the brand and each of the products were created and handcrafted in Bologna’s workshop. Italian excellence appeared in the variety of pens the brand manufactured. The top line being the Arte Italiana range, and a host of limted edition pens and certainly some cutting edge designs, like the “Doctor’s pen”, an amazing pen that had a tiny built-in clinical thermometer. There were so many marvelous pens that the brand produced through the years and they will not only be collectible for many, but highly revered by all.

Simoni deveoped a production process that he invented and protected his entire life. The process was used until OMAS closed their doors. The pen was regarded as the million dollar pen simply because a competitor offered the brand one millon dollars to buy the patent. They refused to sell and there were imitations of the pen released but they never duplicated the master.

In 2000 LVMH acquired the brand from Simoni’s heirs becoming the only writing instrument company in its suite. Later the brand was sold partially in partnership between Xinyu Hengdeli Group and LVMH in an attempt to expand their luxury goods in the Asian market. As the unprofitability continued the brand sold to another Chinese company and the decision to close the doors in November of 2015 ended with voluntary liquidation in January 2016 ending the almost century of brilliance that OMASPens provided to the world.


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