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Harry Winston


Certainly the name Harry Winston is known around the globe, a legacy that is inspirational, and home to some of the most famous jewels in the world.  Since opening the doors in 1932, the brand has transformed diamonds into a perfection of art, and taken jewelry design to an entirely new level.

With each generation of designers and the craftsmen that bring them to fruition, the style and continued success of the brand will remain unsurpassed.  Taking the energy of New York City and applying it to you brand is exactly what Harry Winston has done.  Home to the corporate and design headquarters, New York City fuels the excitement and glamour the brand encompasses in every product.

The Hope Diamond is among the exquisite gemstones that the brand has debuted.  The stone was discovered in the mid 1600’s in India’s Kollur Mine.  The 45.52 carat blue diamond has had it’s share of famous owners.  Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette were just one famous pair who had possession prior to Mr. Winston who purchased it in 1949 from the estate of Evelyn Walsh McLean.

While the Hope Diamond is but one sparkle in an array of dazzle the brand has shared over the years, decorating the red carpet stars is just one of the amazing feats that the international icon has achieved.  The Court of Jewels exhibition traveled the United States helping to raise money for charities and educate people about precious gems.  He also donated the Hope Diamond to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. in 1958 so it could be shared with the world.

While the crown jewel is seen by over 7 million annual visitors, the brand thought that it could use a facelift, and in 2010 donated a new setting for the Hope Diamond, the Embracing Hope.  Owning some of the world’s most famous jewels is always an honor, but as shown throughout the years, the brand tradition is to nurture them, allowing the world to share in every beautiful aspect of the collections.

Before a design is developed, the brand does research on the unique and individual gemstones, cultivating the extraordinary and exquisite design that will unfold.  A full collaboration of effort, a combining of skills that come together to craft perfection.  Starting with a gemologist, a designer, and a craftsman, these designs are works of art, and take time and dedication.  With each piece meticulously set by hand, the results show the perfect dimension, proportion and angles of reflection.

As with the signature pieces of jewelry the timepieces are also of the highest craftsmanship and coupled with time honored tradition of Swiss watch making.  The brand introduced itself into the world of watches in 1989 and traveled into a creative arena that was yet unexplored for this powerhouse.

The opening of a manufacturing facility in Geneva in 2007 fully propelled the brand with the creation of the watch making division and of course continued the flawless tradition of legendary perfection.   Crafting such impressive collections, from the Premier and Avenue to the innovative Ocean collection, the brand certainly maintained the luxury and quality as the standard.  The brilliance that has been created with the High Jewelry Timepieces is just another contribution the brand has made to masterful design.

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