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Lange Limited Editions

There have been several Lange limited editions that have been created throughout the watchmaker’s history. These specially crafted watches were only produced for a limited number, and will not be produced the same again. There have been seven models of watches that represent the models that were limited to a small number of produced timepieces. They are classic pieces that have very high value in that there are only a small number of people that can own one. These limited edition watches are listed below.

  • Grand Lange 1 – “Luna Mundi” was offered for a limited time to be purchased in a set of two watches. This was limited to 101 sets of watches that were produced. Each of these two watches shows the phases of the moon for each of the two hemispheres. Switching the watches when the crossing of the hemisphere occurs is meant to keep track of the phases on each.
  • Anniversary Langematik was a part of the Lange limited editions that produced only 500 watches. These watches were produced between the years of 2000 to 2004. Distinctly characterized with a red contrasting Roman numeral 12 at the top of the watch, while the remainder of the Roman numerals are black. The blue dials set this watch visibly apart from the rest.
  • Tourbillon – “Pour le Merite” was limited to only 50 watches that were produced in platinum, and only 150 produced in gold.
  • Lange 1A was produced as a replica of the historical pocket watches. This watch features a wrist band that is made from crocodile leather. Only 100 watches were made.
  • 1815 Moonphase is an exquisite piece of art that was crafted to stay accurate for 1000 years. There were only 150 watches produces in platinum, and 250 produced in pink gold. This is one of the timeless of the Lange limited editions.
  • Lange 1 Tourbillon was to propel the Lange watch into the next millennium in the year 2000. There were 150 watches produced in platinum and 250 produced in pink gold. The solid silver dial characterizes this watch along with the one minute tourbillon.
  • Tourbograph – “Pour le Merite” produced only 101 watches which were released for sale at a pace of only one per month. This watch includes incredible mechanisms that work seamlessly to integrate the watches components together. This was one of the most exquisite of the Lange limited editions that were produces by the high quality watchmaker.

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