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Breguet watch - A Leader In The Field

Breguet watches were created by A.L. Breguet, a man who many refer to as genius. Born in Neuchatel, Paris, he began breathing life into his innovative and exquisite collections. The brand set standards in watch making that is still the level others seek to achieve. Starting his career in 1775, Abraham-Louis, married the daughter of a very prosperous French bourgeois, and used her dowry to open his first workshop.

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Using the connections he had made during his apprenticeship as a watch maker, and his studies of mathematics, his business began to thrive. After he developed the very successful self-winding watch, Queen Marie-Antoinette became fascinated with him, and Louis XVI purchased many of the famed watches. Launching the brand to the wealthy aristocracy proved brilliant for the young watch maker and further showcased his technical brilliance. Breguet watches. Perfecting the self-winding movement that was originally invented by Perrelet, developing shock resistance for balance bearings, inventing the repeating pocket watch, and of course the most famous tourbillon creation, made Breguet admired and famous. The tourbillon was used to rule out all differences of position, so vertical or horizontal, no deviations would occur regardless of position, and brought all watches to attain chronometer-like accuracy.

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These innovative and inspired inventions assured his success under three governments of the First Republic, two kings, and the reign of Napoleon. Bearing witness to the brands excellence in watch craftsmanship, literature references for over two centuries have proven them to be a master of influence and an intrinsic part of European culture. Breguet watch. All European powers wore the brand, definitely confirming the visionary that the man was, but also proving his business sense. His eye for detail and meticulous technological knowledge made counterfeit examples of his work difficult, but not impossible. Breguet price. So in efforts to insure his work could be recognized as original, he and his engraver Droz created a signature on the dial. A very small and almost invisible marking, the mark could only be read by holding the watch to a light source, and viewing it through a loupe. Another authenticity check was that all watches for sale were given a serial number, and registered at the factory so they could be verified.

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When he died in 1823 his death was mourned around the globe, as he was considered a giant in the art and science of time-keeping. While the brand has changed hands several times over, the innovation and quality of the Breguet watch still remains. Driven today by Nicolas Hayek, the brand has continued to expand, and has filed even more patent applications than that of the original founder. Restoring exclusivity, and enhanced prestige, the brand is still crafted by hand, by talented Swiss watch makers, and still bears the brands signature. The watches sell for a variety of prices, and may not be included in everyone’s price range, but collectors still strive to acquire the masterpieces. The Breguet watches for sale from the Arnold collection use only the finest materials, platinum, steel or 18-karat gold. The is proud to offer a large selection of the brands watches for sale including the Type XX Type XX, Heritage, Reine De Naples, Grande Complications, Classique, Marine, Tradition, and Discontinued Models models.

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