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Credited with manufacturing the first wristwatch, revolutionizing designs, and cutting edge technology are just a few of the distinctive reminders why Cartier watch is a leader in the time keeping industry. A pioneer in watch making, the brand showcases their passion and elegance in each and every collection. One of the world’s oldest jewelers, Louis breathed life into his company in 1875 and spearheaded the brand until his death in 1942. While Patek Phillipe created the first wristwatch in 1868, the brand brought the first wristwatch to men, titled the Santos. The Cartier watches prices. The company pushed the traditional pocket watch to the side as the world made way for the new wrist watch.
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Generations of family carried on the name: Louis, his son Alfred, and then three grandsons, Pierre, Jacque and Louis Francois II. Expanding the business, insisting on quality and reliability, the brand spread world wide and became a leader in watch manufacturing. The family store was located on the Rue de la Paix in 1899, and then as the brand grew they opened stores in London, New York, Moscow. Buy Cartier watches. In 1917 the company started stamping a four digit code on the underside and collectors require this in order to recognize the brand. Worn by royalty, celebrities, and affluent clients, the company success continues still today. The movements in the watches for sale today use Swiss companies like Movado, Piguet, and many others. Still a exquisite blend of boldness and elegance, the jewelry collections of the company are enhanced by the spectacular dials, and esteemed curves.
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Inspired by beauty, elegant in the simplicity, Cartier watches features reliable quartz mechanisms and a watch for almost everyone at a price that fits almost every pocket. One of the most famous Cartier watches for sale in the collections is the Tank watch that was crafted in 1917. Aesthetically spectacular, the Tank has inspired numerous other variations but the company has preserved the original soul of the design. Technological advances continued for the brand through the years sparking innovative designs, and challenging all other watch Cartier makers to meet those same expectations. An artistic genius, Louis created an empire that has endured the test of time, with precision, and perfection. Created in gold, or stainless steel, and meticulous hand crafting, every Cartier watch manufactured for the brand is a reflection of the prestigious style. Produced with the highest standards and timeless designs you can buy Cartier watches for everyone, finding a perfect choice.
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