Chopard Watches – Classic, Elegant, Refined

In 1836 Louis-Ulysse Chopard launched a watch manufacturing company in Sonvilier, a beautiful region in Switzerland. The brand specialized in pocket-watches and chronometers. The precision and reliability of these timepieces propelled the brand in popularity and helped to build a quality reputation around the globe. The founder Louis-Ulysse died in 1915 and his son Paul-Louis took over the family business. Relocating to Geneva in 1937 the brand stepped into the capital of horological brilliance.

In 1943 the brand changed hands once again, passing to the son of Paul-Louis, Paul-Andre. Karl Scheufele III descended from a watchmaking dynasty, he was anxious to purchase a Swiss watch manufacturer, and set his sights on Chopard. The brand was acquired by Scheufele and began a direction on a different path. Starting a world expansion, and working to enhance the reputation the family had built up, the new owners worked tirelessly for over fifty years to continue growth and excellence.

Bringing the jewelry expertise into the brand helped the craftsmanship of precious watches for ladies, and showed innovation not only for the brand but also the industry. The mobility of the diamonds spinning between the transparent sapphire crystals led to the unique patented invention, the DNA of Chopard. There were a number of timepieces that the brand delivered over the years, many of them design masterpieces, boutiques launched in various cities and certainly the brand continued to move in a positive direction. The Mille Miglia collection inspired by the design of vintage cars was a combination of sports and technology that allowed the brand to craft some unique and rather clever designs.

Chopard manufactured timepieces crafting with pearls, precious stones, metals, and diamonds, new collections and each one bringing inspiration from so many wonderful areas. At the same time the company returned to the historical roots of watchmaking, creating movements and hand decorating, capturing the passion and art that launched the brand in the beginning.

Independence as well as creativity and innovation have propelled the Chopard brand from day one, the Scheufele’s added their own brilliance to the mix and ladies’ collections, jewelry selections, the men’s collections, and sports collections thrived through the decades. Reliability coupled with excellence of quality and masterful artisan hand work created the foundation of this brand that continues to step forward in horological creations. Bring on the future, and continue to be a leader as time marches on.