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Corum Watches: Truly Futuristic

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The distinguishing feature of the Corum watches is their futuristic design. The entry of the brand to the scintillating world of high-end watches was pioneered by two brothers, Rene Bannwart and Simmone Ries in 1955, a belated entry into the tough market of luxury watches with well established brands holding fort for centuries. Allying the apprehension of many skeptics who hoped that the brand will die a natural death, the brand conquered the heart and the soul of fascinating men and women of discerning taste. This was due to progressive designs that brand put forward.

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In the short span of its existence, the watch-maker offered the world an impressive array of stunning watches like the Admiral`s Cup, Golden Bridge, Coin Watch, Artisan Timepieces, and Bubble. The most praise worthy watch put out by the company for people who buy great watches the best is indeed the Meteorite Watch. The number of Corum watches for sale is deliberately limited to 999 pieces which in a way made it a much ogled watch. The fame of this model spread the world like a wildfire due to its strategy of using unearthly material from a meteor that fell from the sky in Greenland. Buy watch Corum.

One of the strategies of the company is to create sensation by going for feats which have not been tried before. One of them is the famous coin watch. In the production of this watch the company managed to split a $20 coin into two and made one out of that. It was marvelous engineering feat to split a coin into two. The watch known as the $20 Liberty Eagle was a rage when it hit the market. Any one can make a watch but the forte of Corum is to make designs that the world has not seen so far. This focus on novelties coupled with meticulous craftsmanship has made the brand a trail blazer in the fascinating world of high-end horology.

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In the year 2000 the brand received additional momentum. The company was taken over by Severin Wunderman. He was a watch futurist and his taking charge as the helmsman of Corum watch packed the company with great ingenuity and innovation. After his turn more new talents who had the futuristic vision flowed in resulting in greater development. The slogan unlocks and conquer is the core of the company`s philosophy and in the output of their watches they have been faithful to their vision. is proud to offer large selection of Corum watches including the Limited Editions and Limited Editions models.

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