Franc Vila

Born in Valencia, Spain, an area known for artisan work in porcelain and leather, Francesco Vila was born. Starting a career in high end leather goods, the path took him to a discovery of luxury items, and the demand and unique nature of the people that live in that world. The real foundation of the Franc Vila brand is built on passion and that started early in his childhood, he was fascinated with mechanical watches and truly believed they were alive.

That feeling is what created the brand and all the complicated movements, the technical brilliance of each piece, and all the exclusive designs that came to life from this heart. Creating his first timepiece, Francesco, wanted an amazing watch, one that was not only beautiful, but with an exclusive mechanism and one that was crafted entirely in Geneva with the truest tradition of Swiss watch making. So in 2004 the brand, Franc Vila was born.

While passion was the foundation, perfectionism and innovation were the cement, and creativity and excellence the bricks that put it all together. Building a luxury brand means exclusivity and the creation of unique complications and therefore the mark of the brand. The movement shaped the same as the case, an upside down 8, taking the power reserve and the tourbillion, situating them above the dial so that everything is visible, the three dimensional effect, the unique heart that beats for the brand.

Quality and reliability are very critical for this brand also, and they never chance the material used in the production. Attention to detail is quite important when building a future, a vision that takes form, a vision that takes every aspect of the technical brilliance of the brand, and combining that with originality. Limited edition timepieces, produced with Swiss excellence and tradition are what Franc Vila believed in, and from that first FV01, Perpetual calendar minute repeater to the latest most ‘Unique Spirit’ he never varied from his design and yet each timepiece is different in one way or another.

Building the brand with high quality, bold design and defiant passion are what has propelled them to the top in such a short time span, but the heartbeat of the brand is what will keep them ticking.