A passion for diamonds, a heart for business, and a story that unfolded over six decades brings us to the Graff brand that graces the world today. From a jeweler’s bench in Hatton Garden, London’s jewelry quarter, to a company known for innovation, creativity and craftsmanship, Laurence Graff took a journey and ended up sitting atop the global stage. Much like the stones that have fascinated him for a lifetime, he transformed a raw and rough business into a precious and refined company, taking purity and cut to a new level.

He was determined despite some telling him he could not move ahead in his passion. He was an entrepreneur at heart and he had instincts that people longed for, but his drive came from his grandmother, a woman who was the business brain of the family and the one who taught him how to succeed. At the age of 18 he founded his first company and formed a partnership repairing jewelry. He had a opportunistic nature and a courage for risks that certainly propelled the business. He persuaded a diamond dealer to advance him 33 small diamonds for a mere £60. While many would have made individual rings, Graff took them and placed them all in one ring, creating a very flashy ring. He sold it to a North England jeweler who sold it immediately and placed an order for another. Seeing the demand for unique rings, he began working with diamonds, as well as emeralds, rubies and sapphires to create brilliant designs. He established the brand in 1960 and has never looked back.

In 1967 he launched a journey around the globe to showcase his designs. Each visit opened a new door for the brand, and the store outside the UK opened in 2000 and today there are over 50 stores around the world. Making friends as well as clients, Laurence Graff hands the reins over to his son Francois who not only inherits the business but also the relationships his father has created. Laurence is said to have handled more important diamonds than any diamantaire of our time, maybe of all time. From historic diamonds to some of the latest discoveries all have seen the hands of the master.

Six decades later the founder still feels that same passion and desire that fueled his heart to establish the brand and feels honored he has been able to love his job every day. He leaves a legacy that will continue to grace the world with beautiful jewelry and certainly a brand that will maintain exquisite quality in every piece.

Retail price: $43,000 Our Price: $34,500

Discount: $8,500